St. Barths, Tropical Relaxation at its Best

St. Barths or Saint Barthélemy is a Caribbean island located in the northern Leeward Islands. South of Anguilla and far west of Puerto Rico, St. Barths is beloved by the rich and famous. Anyone can visit this gorgeous island and relax and swim in the sparkling turquoise water. There are many sights to see and great places to stay overnight. The major expense is the flight to get there, but worth every penny to see what St. Barths has to offer.

What to Do in St. Barths

Anse des Flamands located on the northwest side of the island. Anse des Flamands is the perfect beach to find palm trees to be lazy under. The beach is long. The water is beautiful and for hikers, there is a dormant volcano to venture to on foot. There are also places to eat and facilities to use if needed. Baie de St-Jean is a hot spot for beachgoers, windsurfers, and snorkelers. St. Jean has a French Riviera feel and plenty of places to eat and shop should you feel sunburnt and want to do a little shopping.

Where to Stay in St. Barths

Wherever you stay in St. Barths, it won’t be cheap, but it will be full of luxury. There is not a lot of space on St. Barths, so every hotel has opted for providing the best. It is a little over $200 to $8,000 to stay at hotels on the island. The views and rooms are spectacular and cozy. St. Barths has some of the best hotels and villas. It is no wonder starts like this island. You can also opt to stay in villas which can run from $1500 to $8000 a night. If you split the cost with friends and family villas can be reasonable.

Where to Eat in St. Barths

Where to start with St. Barths and food. Since the French are known as some of the finest chefs in the world, St. Barths has some of them cooking the food. St. Barths Online is a great place on the web to check out some of the gastronomic info on St. Barths. Asian, Caribbean and French foods are offered at many restaurants. You will have the most wonderful food while on this island. The hardest part is where to choose to go. Follow your heart and you won’t go wrong.

If you have a little extra money for a vacation, go to St. Barths. The views, the elegance, the people, the other tourists will give you the feeling you “have arrived”. When it comes to money buying happiness, the tropical weather, the food, the gorgeous hotels, amazing beaches, and peaceful feelings will for sure prove that money can buy happiness and it is done in St. Barths. When you need a place to relax away from it all St. Barths is as far away as you will want to be. A vacation to St. Barths should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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