How to spend your Pacific vacation

Most people, when given off from work, make plans on how to visit places they have never gone to. However, it’s the worst experience going on a vacation, and it turns out to be less than what you expected. Imagine all the planning, anticipations, and savings. Imagine all the planning anticipations and savings, all these ending in disappointment? This happens because travelers fail to consider what different types of vacations entail, the pros and cons of different kinds of vacations to arrive at the one that best suits them. To avoid this, I’ve provided the most common types of vacations and their respective pros and cons.

A trip to the beach

This is the most common type of vacation that crosses one’s mind when he/she hears the word peace. Most people who like this type of holiday are the ones looking to relax and release memories. Great seafood and delicious drinks with little umbrellas, as well as a fabulous tan, make this trip more enjoyable. However, the humidity around the beach might destroy your hair.

A trip to the city

This type of vacation is characterized by construction noise and car horns. It is perfect for people who love the wilds of the concrete jungle and enjoy shows and restaurants. However, it’s a nightmare for people who hate large crowds and tiresome to walk along the pavements.

A trip abroad

This involves visiting other countries. Those who would love this type of trip are people who love exploring, getting out of their comfort zone, and enjoying the unfamiliar experience. However, those who love staying closer to home and prefer the expected may find this type of vacation frustrating.

The advantages of this type of vacation involve; experiencing other cultures and history, witnessing things you’ve only read about as well as discovering new foods. However, this type of holiday requires earlier preparation, involves longer flights that are tiresome, and sometimes you may find it challenging to eat the local foods around there.

A group tour

This type of vacation will be enjoyable for those who love making friends and are uncomfortable when traveling alone. It may not be attractive to introverts who may not be interested in talking to other people and love doing their things. The advantages of this type of vacation include making long term friends and visiting places that may be difficult to see alone. On the other hand, this vacation may limit you from staying on a site that may be so interesting to you since you have to follow a schedule.

A cruise

It involves chasing the horizon across open waters, which makes it an exciting type of vacation.

And it is only perfect for those who love water. Those who have severe motion sickness and fear water may find this type of vacation frustrating. Its advantages include a limitless amount of activities, experiencing multiple destinations in one trip, as well as the unique experience of sailing from one place to the next. However, there might be seasickness possibilities and catching any virus that may be sweeping through the ship.

Hawaii cruises

This is one of the best cruises one would love to visit on his or her vacation. Try a trip or a cruise to Hawaii and explore Honolulu, Oahu, Maui, Kauai. These features make sailing in Hawaii cruise enjoyable.

Reasons for pacific vacation

The locals around the pacific are friendly.

The people living around the south pacific would make you feel at home when you visit this place for your vacation. They would even make you think of not going back to your country when you interact with them. They would welcome you with big smiles, friendly hugs, and even invite you to participate in island life.

Great traditional food and culture

The people living around the Pacific have so much interest in sharing their culture with the people who visit them. You will also find delicious food and culture to explore.

Hotspot for whale watching

The pacific islands intersect with the migration routes of several species of whales, including humpback whales, so you can head on trips to see them. You might even be able to swim alongside these giant mammals. You can even watch them breach whale watching vessels amidst water from their blowhole.


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