Plan your trip to London: what to see in the city

It could be difficult to decide what to see in a big city like London, since the attractions are everywhere! Streets, museums, squares and monuments: so many things to enjoy! London is a city rich in history and suggestions, with its multicultural neighborhoods. It is the city of the Royal Family, the Beatles and punk, a picture that perfectly describes the different souls of the British capital.

How to plan your trip to London

There are so many attractions that the best way to plan your trip and not risk missing something is to choose the best tour agency and let it handle the creation of the itinerary, especially if you plan to stay only for a few days. There are some excellent options, such as London private tours by Through Eternity: the best attractions in London, explained by experts who will show you around in a one-day tour of the city. This is a perfect choice especially for people who don’t like to check itineraries, maps and timetables! Also, the London tube can be very tricky with all its lines: a maze of colors very easy to get lost in…Sure, there are directions and everything, but why get stressed instead of enjoying a well-organized tour?

What to see in London

It would be impossible to list all the amazing things you can find in London, so here are some of the most important attractions of the city:

Trafalgar Square: the first place to see in London! Trafalgar Square is a true icon of the city and houses one of the most famous museums in the world and the most important in London: the National Gallery. Of course, get in there and get lost among one of the best art collections in the world!

Buckingham Palace: the residence of the English monarchy, built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham, and only later purchased by George III who made it his residence and that of the Royal Family.

Big Ben and House of Parliament: an example of neo-Gothic architecture, the House of Parliament, also known as Westminster Palace, is a stunning building that includes over 1200 rooms. It also houses the two chambers of the English Parliament: the House of Commons and the House of Lords. As for the Big Ben, it is not actually the name of the clock, but it is an enormous bell of 13 and a half tons, named after Benjamin Hall, who installed it.

These are only a few attractions, but London is so much more: St. Paul Cathedral, the British Museum and the Tate Gallery, London Tower and Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus and all the neighborhoods where you can taste good fish and chips! Just remember to plan ahead and trust your tour agency, they will show you a city you will never forget!

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