What to Consider When You Decide to Do a Bike Shipment

Most people dread the time when they have to transport their bikes. Compared to vehicles, many may assume that transporting a bike over a long distance may be easier. However, the contrary may be true. A lot of work goes into preparing to transport a bike, choosing the mode of transportation and the packing process that follows as well as the eventual unpacking. The first this to put into consideration when planning a journey where you will need to bring your bike along is deciding whether to ship it to the desired destination before the actual trip or to travel with it on the flight. It is more preferable that you ship your bike ahead of time rather than have it on your flight.

It Is Cheaper

There are a lot of factors that may contribute to the amount that you have to pay for shipping. Some of these factors include the distance, the size of the package or bag you pack the bike in and insurance which is dependent on the value of the bike. Shipping may be cheaper than flying with the baggage which will require you to pay extra charges for excess luggage. Contrary to the belief of many, the cost is more dependent on the size of the package than the weight when it comes to shipping.

Provision of Door to Door Services

Most shipping companies offer door to door services. By taking advantage of this service, you can be able to reduce the task of transporting and carrying the package. Instead of having to carry the bike around with you, you can have a messenger pick and deliver the package from and to your preferred location without having to budge a muscle.

More Time for Packing

The most difficult part of shipping a bike is packing it. You cannot ship a bike while in its whole state. It is a requirement that you take down the parts and pack them categorically and in a specific manner. This may require some extra time.

How to Pack a Bike for Shipping

The first step is to acquire the necessary tools like the toolkit for disassembling the bike, the wrapping material and the box or bag that you pack all the parts. Taking down the parts should be doe beginning with the easiest parts to remove which are the handle bars, the pedals, seat and seat post as well as the wheels. These parts can be removed by hand. The forks and stem come next then the rest of the bike. These parts have to be wrapped separately in either bubble wrap, tape for the smaller parts or foam padding. Once all the parts are off, then you can place them in one large box or bag. The trick is to ensure that the box or bag does not rattle when shaken in order to ensure the fragile parts will be safe throughout the journey. After carefully sealing the package, do not forget to label the box or the bag.

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