Enjoy some of the best activity holidays in Europe

If you’re the type of tourist who prefers participating in outdoor adventures rather than sight-seeing in urban areas, simply continue reading to discover some of the best activity holidays that are well worth embarking on in the future!


  1. Skiing or snowboarding in the French or Austrian AlpsIf your idea of the perfect vacation involves booking a chalet in the mountains, it’s definitely worth booking a ski or snowboard focused vacation. If you’re looking for the ultimate winter adventure, you may be interested in visiting the French or Austrian Alps, which boast world-class ski conditions and a wide variety of runs to suit novice skiers and snowboarders to more experienced skiers and snowboarders who are looking for that thrill-seeking challenge.If you’ve never strapped on a pair of skis in your life and don’t know the first thing about snowboarding, don’t be put off planning a winter getaway that you’ll never forget as each ski resort in the French and the Austrian Alps boasts plenty of packages aimed at beginners which include introductory ski or snowboard lessons with a highly qualified instructor who’ll help you get the hang of your choice of sport!
  2. Sailing in GreeceIf you prefer the idea of being able to sunbath on a classy yacht with a glass of champagne whilst you sail past a variety of stunning natural wonders, you may lean towards the idea of planning a sailing trip.If you have an extensive sailing experience you may want to opt to take the helm of your chosen yacht, whereas if you have little to no sailing experience you may prefer to hire an experienced captain to take care of navigating your yacht. Thus, leaving you to focus on sipping on a cold glass of champagne and watching the world go by.Regardless, there’s no better way to find the perfect swimming spot than being able to drop anchor at a private secluded bay, where you’ll be able to dive right off your deck into the crystal-clear water below.

    Better yet, if you choose to plan a Greek vacation you’ll be able to visit stunning islands such as Santorini, which is known for its whitewashed buildings and blue painted roofs and the delectable seafood it offers.


  1. Kayaking and paddle boarding in EuropeIf you love spending time exploring open water, then planning an adventurous outdoor vacation which features plenty of kayaking and paddle boarding is absolutely necessary for you. This will allow you to see far more of your vacation destination’s waterways than you would by sunbathing on its shores.


  1. Hiking in Europe

One way to treat yourself to phenomenal views of Europe’s glorious vistas is to organize hiking trips, while you’re visiting Europe. As an example, if you visit the French or Austrian Alps in the warm, summer months, you’ll be able to hike numerous mountain trails, which offer stunning views of the region. Which goes to show that the French and Austrian Alps can offer just as much adventure and excitement in summer as it does in winter. If you’re interested in safely discovering some of the Alps most popular tracks, you may even want to consider hiring an experienced guide to show you their favourite routes.


  1. Mountain biking in Europe

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you may prefer mountain biking down steep, winding, challenging tracks rather than embarking on daily hikes. Thankfully Europe offers endless fun-filled mountain bike tracks, which your test your skills and sense of adventure. As an example, if you plan a trip to Les Gets, a region in the French Alps, you will get the opportunity to ride your bike on some of the best mountain bike trails in Europe. Better yet, if you don’t fancy biking your way to the top of each track, you’ll be able to ride a ski lift to the top of most of Les Gets’ mountain biking trails.


  1. Whitewater rafting in Europe

If you’re interested in being able to check white water rafting off your bucket list, it’s also well worth planning a trip to Europe during summer. As an example, you may want to plan a trip to Les Gets, which was mentioned above as it also boasts plenty of rivers, which offer sizeable rapids, which you’ll be able to navigate in a raft, with the help of an experienced tour guide. If you’re looking to take part in a vacation activity which you’ll always remember, then you should consider adding white-water rafting to the itinerary of your next vacation.


  1. Rock climbing in Europe

If you enjoy rock climbing or have never tried rock climbing but are looking for a new adventurous activity which you’re sure to find both exhilarating and challenging, it’s well worth adding a rock climbing session or two into your next vacation’s action-packed schedule. If you’ve never been rock climbing outdoors before, just make sure to hire an experienced guide who’ll be able to provide you with all the information and safety equipment which you require to rock climb without the risk of incurring an injury.


  1. Fishing in Europe

If you’re looking for a more sedate, laid-back travel activity, you may want to consider incorporating a few fishing sessions into your next holiday. As there is nothing more relaxing than standing on the edge of a calm, tranquil lake and being surrounded by nature, whilst you try your hand at catching a fish for your next meal. Depending on the accommodation option you choose, the chef at your chalet, hotel or resort may even be able to cook your freshly caught fish for you.


  1. Cross-country skiing in French Alps 

The long, powdery stretches of French Alps provide a great opportunity to enjoy one of the most exciting activities you can enjoy on snow, which is cross-country skiing. There are several marked and unmarked trails which one can access to enjoy cross-country skiing in French Alps. The excitement of travelling one place to another while swooshing through the powdery snow is really amazing. However, make sure you take all the precautions necessary so that you can have a safe experience. The weather during the winter can be volatile, thus it is an absolute must that you do not be alone. Enjoy the activity along with a group, chalk out your path well before you start your journey and make pit stops whenever you think it’s necessary. There are plenty of small towns you will come across while you are on your path, which you can explore.

So if you’re currently in the process of planning your next whirlwind overseas adventure it’s definitely worth including at least a couple of the fabulous travel activities listed above into your travel itinerary!

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