4 Things People Consider When Booking Accommodation

With the rise of low-cost airlines and an ever-growing list of ‘must-see’ tourist destinations, world-wide tourism has never been easier or more popular.

It is important for most travellers that they have a clear budget before they start to travel, to avoid running out of money during the trip and in order to make the most of their holiday. Therefore, where possible, they will make reservations in advance to determine how much cash they have left to spend on the actual trip.

The good thing is that several aspects of any trip can now be arranged in advance. Hotel accommodation is one of them. Instead of taking the risk of travelling to a place without a secure hotel reservation, people can book in advance, so they will just check-in upon arrival and get their holiday started straightaway.

This has paved the way for the rise of online hotel booking sites. We all know that cost is the main priority of many people when making reservations and they want to limit the amount they spend as much as possible. However, this is not the only thing they consider.

  1. Property Location

Travellers are very particular about location. They want to stay somewhere that is easily accessible and don’t want to spend a lot of time travelling from the hotel to the sights or the nearest train or bus stations. They might choose not to reserve a room in a hotel that is difficult to get to or a long way from the main attractions, even if it has a really low price.

     2.Guest Reviews

People are very influenced by reviews and guest reviews are very powerful in shaping the decisions of other guests. Of course, it’s not just one review which is considered, and before booking, travellers will take several reviews into consideration. It is common for hotels offering poor service to have correspondingly poor reviews, meaning they are easily eliminated from any potential guest’s list of accommodation options.

     3.Amenities and Facilities

There are travellers who love to go on holiday because they want to stay in a nice room with great facilities and amenities. They are even willing to pay more just so they can avail themselves of these facilities. Hotels that have more and better   facilities are often those which are more likely going to be chosen by travellers.

     4.Ease of Booking

Although this consideration has nothing to do with the actual hotel, the ease of  making a reservation is also important. It is not easy organising a trip and the planning can be very time consuming, so the easier it is to book accommodation, the better. Hence, the convenience of booking will be a factor in travellers’ decision making. They like to find it really easy to get the job done.

As an owner of a hotel, B&B or apartment for rent, you need a booking calendar. This allows you to easily manage your reservations. It also helps make booking  quicker and more convenient for people.


Finding the perfect hotel that is within their budget range is not easy for many travellers. This is why they carefully consider various aspects before making a reservation.

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