History of the Holidays in Dubai


The history of the holidays in Dubai goes back to the times when Dubai was a part of the United Arab Emirates. They used to be called the ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’. In the UAE, Dubai has been famous for its lavish celebrations and festive atmosphere. Here’s a brief history of the holidays in Dubai […]

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Don’t Trust Your Hotel Internet


Sure, it’s 2019 and pretty much everywhere you go there is WiFi. Everywhere from public parks to airplanes. You might be sitting in some hole in the wall restaurant in the middle of nowhere and they probably have complimentary WiFi. Hotels certain have WiFi, whether or not it is complimentary however is a whole different […]

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3 Common Reasons Family Vacations Go South


Nothing quite compares to a good family vacation. Bonding with the people you love as you take in exciting new sights is a one-of-a-kind experience. However, this isn’t to say that all family vacations are joyous affairs. In the absence of proper planning, a seemingly idyllic travel excursion with your nearest and dearest can quickly […]

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Thai boxing for your weekend


Running along a training circuit bare footed, stretching at the break of dawn and striking in a series of punches and kicks are all part of the Muay Thai holiday experience. While significantly different from a traditional vacation, the martial art has become highly sought after for a variety of health and fitness reasons. A […]

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How to make the most of your vacation.


Here are four ways that you might not of thought of, that you can use, and will improve the enjoyment, ease and fun that you get from your next holiday. Firstly, is harnessing the power within your smart phone to help you enjoy your vacation and my recommendation to do this is to download the […]

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3 Tropical Vacation Spots You’ll Want to Visit in 2018


Are you looking for the perfect spot for your dream tropical vacation? If so, this list detailing the amenities offered by three popular beach getaways can help you decide which destination is best for you. Waikiki, Hawaii Beautiful Waikiki is located on the island of Oʻahu on the southern shore of Honolulu. This exotic destination […]

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The United Kingdom is a nation which is full of beautiful destinations, serene countryside and a lot of cultures. And one of the best ways to experience the serenity and the true beauty of this huge nation is to go for a walking tour. Walking tours are great to truly experience a destination in its […]

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10 Reasons To Vacation In Punta Mita, Mexico


When many people think of the most popular vacation spots in the world, Punta Mita doesn’t generally make the cut. With that said, this is a locale that should be at the very top of your list. Here are 10 reasons to forgo all of the other places and head to this destination. Puerto Vallarta […]

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Experiencing with Muay Thai training for weight loss while traveling in Thailand 


How to travel? You’d be surprised at just how many people ask this question. They are practically clueless about going about their idea of traveling even though they would very much like to travel. Well, this article will share some basic information with you and will outline the general process of how to go about […]

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Things To Consider When Choosing Calgary Stampede Catering Services


When planning a stampede party in Calgary, you have to include catering services. This is the time to get the grills out and experience the fun that comes with these kinds of parties. Whether you are planning a small event for your friends in the backyard or a large corporate one, you should not forget […]

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