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Holidays for Caves Lovers


Have you ever seen majestically beautiful collections of waterfalls in one single place? If not, now it’s your time to uncover the real beauty of nature in Split Croatia. Along with its plenty of tourist points, Split has a beautiful illustration of natural art in Krka waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls even have chronicled history, […]

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How to Detox in Thailand with Muay Thai at Weekend


A Muay Thai weekend is a spectacular retreat combined with the vigorous workout of the traditional combat sport. If you are interested in learning about this sport, then joining an incredible Muay Thai program can provide the challenge you need to live your best life. Performing Muay Thai has become an incredible fitness strategy that […]

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Tips For Enjoying Your Safari


Going on a safari is a bit of a kid’s dream. We all had this image of big 4 × 4 in the savannah, surrounded by wild animals. Here are some tips from experts of Garden Route Tours which will definitely serve you well. Which animals to see in which parks? The Kruger Park Safaris […]

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The Best Travel-Friendly Swimsuit From CoolTan


Whether you’re going to a frigid country in the throes of winter or jetting off to a tropical locale for your holidays, one of the most essential travel items to pack is a great swimsuit. You want something that is nice and durable so you won’t have any wardrobe malfunctions and is super comfortable and […]

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5 Reason to Visit the Blue Ridge Mountains This Fall


Summer’s come and gone and, before you know it, you’ll be wrapping your presents and decorating for the holidays. But before you let the holiday season overcome you, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of the beautiful season of fall, with the colder weather and beautifully changing trees. And there is no better […]

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3 Tips on How to Stay Fit While Traveling


Traveling is exciting, but it becomes a little less fun if you find that you’re picking up extra pounds while discovering the world. Being away from your normal gym and trainers, it’s often difficult to find ways to make sure that your fitness doesn’t suffer while out and about. If you’re going around the country […]

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A Visit to India’s Grand Capital


Are you tired of the humidity and heat of Kolkata? Is the incessant rain bogging you down? Delhi, the heart of India, proudly showcases the influence of religious diversity through the city streets, the cultural impact of the Mughals with added Hindu and British flavours. The hustle and bustle unveils the alive and kicking nature […]

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Oman trip: stunning landscape and white-sand beaches


The Sultanate of Oman gives a view of the Arab world, which is more diverse than often thought. This ‘Pearl of the Mystic Arabia’ is one of the oldest civilizations of the Arabian Peninsula and renowned for its friendly, smiling and polite people with a great legacy of hospitality. The diversity of Oman’s stunning landscape […]

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Enjoy some of the best activity holidays in Europe


If you’re the type of tourist who prefers participating in outdoor adventures rather than sight-seeing in urban areas, simply continue reading to discover some of the best activity holidays that are well worth embarking on in the future!   Skiing or snowboarding in the French or Austrian AlpsIf your idea of the perfect vacation involves […]

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Seattle In 48 Hours: What To Do


The great thing about Seattle is that for a large city it is surprisingly easy to get around. There are a variety of great neighborhoods all throughout the metro area, each with their own charms and lots of amazing things to do. This makes it perfect for a short stay. Even in just two days […]

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