Beware of Hidden Car Hire Cost Abroad

Renting a car on holiday or business trip could be a lifesaver; it means you’ll not have to go through the stress of using taxis, or a foreign transport system. With a rented car, you’ll have the liberty of exploring your new destination.

On the downside, car rental companies could be mischievous; if you are not careful, you may end up getting entrapped with debt, paying much more than you intended for the hired vehicle.

When you look at the headline price most car rental companies put out, it seems attractive, that not exactly how it works, most cars add late return fee and other hidden charges without telling you. These hidden charges will eventually add to the cost of renting the vehicle.

If this is not your first time renting a car, then hidden charges from car hire companies shouldn’t be new to you, there have been calls to regulate the car hiring industry across Europe, but before anything significant is done about their tricky practices, you have to be extra careful when hiring a car when you are abroad.

It is not strange to see a car hire company pressuring customers at car rental desks. According to research, you stand a high chance of being charged for damages that you are not responsible; it is estimated that 40% of customers fall victim to car hire companies.

Car hire companies have a way of charging exorbitant prices for holidaying customers. They try to take advantage of the fact that visitors don’t know about local rental prices. You can avoid paying excessive by doing thorough research online before you travel and take out a separate car waiver policy from what they offer. You have to be very careful while dealing with car hiring companies. has over 500,000 used car for sale in the UK. Once you have found a Used Car which you like, you can contact the seller through AutoVillage and see a specific company profile page.

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Here are useful tips that will help you avoid extortion:

Do a Thorough Research On Your Car Hire Company:

A good time on the internet will give you quality details about the company you are about choosing. From online reviews, you will be able to know the quality of cars they give out and the quality of their service.

Beware of Hidden Charges:

Car hiring service abroad has a lot of hidden charges; for instance, if you have not driven for more than five years, you will be asked to pay more, let’s say you’re 24 years and you’ve been driving legally for just three years, you may have to pay extra. To avoid paying excessive, you can search for companies that do not charge extra for this.

Inspect the Car’s Condition Before And After You Return The Vehicle:

Before you hire a vehicle, make sure it is in good shape so that you won’t be renting a faulty car, and when you are returning the vehicle, also inspect the car, make sure an employee of the company confirm any damage. Ensure you take a photo of the car, and if there is any damage ensure you capture it.

Fuel Deals:

Some car hire companies abroad have a policy that you return the vehicle with a full tank, don’t fall, victim, look for companies that allow you return the vehicle with the same quantity of fuel as when you hired it.

Pay Local Currency:

When you are on holiday, paying in dollars would set you on a path of being extorted. If you visit a country with a weaker currency, car owners will be the beneficiaries if you pay in local currency.


Most car hire companies abroad charge you for accessories on a daily rate; this will eventually hick the price you’ll be spending on car hire. The first check for cars with all these accessories installed, or if you have, let’s say a sat-nav or a car babysitter, you can come along with them.

Take Out a Separate Car Waiver Policy

There are two insurance policies every car hiring companies will try to convince you to buy; Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Low Damage Waiver (LDW). These are not your only options; you have a better choice, take out a separate car waiver policy independent car hire excess waiver policy is a good option.

When you take out a separate car waiver policy, you’ll be able to save money that would have been paid on excess charges.

Some car hire companies will try to convince you into choosing between CDE or LDW, this will for their profit, insist and take out a separate car waiver policy.

One way car hire companies to use is through insurance policies; the best solution is to take out a separate car waiver policy.

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