Vacation and your best time with the cooking classes

A trip to Italy only becomes 100% Italian if you swing the wooden spoon yourself! Prepare fresh pasta, homemade pizza, sauces, meat and fish the Italian way. What a pleasure, not only for the taste buds but also for the heart! The whole world envies us for our culinary art!

Around the dining table there is calm, the hustle and bustle stays outside and you enjoy being together until the end. Anyone who clears away the plates ahead of time will be looked at incorrectly.

Beneficial cooking classes

This Cooking Vacationscombines Italian lessons with cooking workshops for every level. You don’t have to be a culinary expert to take part here. Curiosity and willpower are enough! After just a few weeks of Italian and cooking classes in Florence, you will see how much progress you have made! Chatting happily in Italian, you’ll conjure up fresh gnocchi and tiramisu like never before! Such skills will amaze not only your loved ones back home but also your new Florentine friends!

On top of that! In connection with this holiday, you will be offered with many activities, learning tours and weekend trips that will make your stay even more intense!

Learn new Italian recipes and find out the secrets of Italian cuisine on the spot!

The international kitchen offers cooking coursesin Cooking Vacations, accompanied by good wines from Umbria and Tuscany and the first-class olive oil from this region.

No matter whether you are single and like to travel alone, whether you want to experience a cooking class with your friends or whether you want to treat yourself to something extraordinary as a couple, a cooking class is always a special pleasure. By the way, our cooking course is also a wonderful gift for someone who likes to cook (for example for a nice chef or a husband who is enthusiastic about cooking).

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