Stomach-Flipping Thrill with Water Slides

When you see a water park the first thing you would notice is a water slide. It is something that attracts every one of us. Most of the parks are divided into multiple themes. Aquaventure Dubai is a place that has everything that can make your day count. You can get your kids an inflatable water slide. If you wish to treat to summer with best of the water slides you need to be at Atlantis Dubai. It is one of the biggest attractions that one could enjoy. At the Odyssey of Terror, visitors can witness world tallest water slide. These slides can offer stomach-flipping thrill to all age groups. These water slides have chilly kind of theme that makes visitors enjoy every second. Water parks are multi-function center that is designed to take families into fun underwater world. To get an entry into Aquaventure is not a cheap task. To gain an economical access to these places you always trust Grab Aquaventure offers and fetch discounts instantly.

Feel Thrilling Plunges with Water Coasters

Water world is incomplete without coaters. You can literally feel thrilling plunges when you witness downhill and backup. With sharp turn, you can literally feel weightlessness with tingling in stomach. But, all of this is worth trying because it can give you mind blowing experience. Atlantis Dubai has some of the most thrilling coasters. With a good deal of turbine technology, the water propulsion coasters can take riders to a whole new level with thrilling speeds, sharp turns and lightning-fast drops. Additionally, suspended uphill sections can give riders a sense that something impossible is happening to them. Shockwave is world’s longest water coaster that is impressive with its inventiveness. You can now reveal a colorful group of slides with breathtaking coaster experience that is a thrill from the moment you take your seat. Getting all this can be an expensive deal. Aquaventure offers can make your entry cheaper into the water world. You can get these offers from

Medusa Lair: Perfect Addition to Aquaventure Attraction Portfolio

Atlantis Dubai has some new attractions for visitors. Medusa Lair is one of the best experiences that can make riders compete with each other. You would love to challenge your family and friends by riding Medusa Lair. It is one of those water rides that you won’t find anywhere else. These rides can offer side-by-side raft that run through high-speed tunnels with amazing twists, and turns. You would be thrilled to introduce yourself to these rides. These dueling slides are called “Blackout,” which is one of the tallest free fall slides in whole UAE. As a “Hydra Racer,” you can challenge anyone to be the first to reach bottom of a tower. This ride is a perfect addition to Aquaventure attraction portfolio that is complimenting the family-friendly waterslide lineups in Dubai.” Taking into consideration the amount of you need to pay for the tickets, it can be quite expensive. is a super saver channel that can make you get a cheaper entry in Medusa Lair with the help of Aquaventure offers.

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