Romantic Things To Do In Nice, France

The French countryside has a plethora of breathtaking panoramic scenery that lovers do find quite enchanting. And Nice has its fair share of scenes that couples, married or not can enjoy. There is quite a lot you can do in Nice, including visiting the museums, parks, take nature walks, hikes and even taking a dip in the blue Mediterranean waters. All these sites spark up the light between couples brings them even closer to each other. Below is a detailed list of the five things they can participate in on their visit to Nice.

  1. Go for a couple’s massage at L’instant spa

There is nothing that can top a couple’s intimate full-body massage session at the L’ instant spa. Sharing this experience with your loved one in a candlelit, well-scented room with soft relaxing music is undoubtedly a strike of your couple’s bucket list. The spa is an urban spa that has all the types of massages, including the Swedish, the Californian, and deep tissue massage. They also do facials, feet and hand care, waxing and makeup treatments for both men and women.

  1. Take a Nice cycle tour

Another great way of spending your afternoon alongside your partner is by taking a cycle tour along the Promenade. You both get to enjoy the scenic view of the Nice’s landscape while you take in the warm sunshine. And enjoy the cool breeze flowing through your hair as you cycle down the streets of Nice.

  1. Visit the Old Town

The old town is a vista of markets and glamourous bays that you and your loved one can access by train, tram or bus. The narrow streets, the eccentric petite shops and the flower market with jaunty displays of fresh fruits and vegetables will surely stimulate your senses. And while you are at it, you may enjoy freshly squeezed fruit juices from the roadside for both you and the love of your life.

  1. Spend the day touring Promenade des Anglais

The Promenade stretches for miles and miles full of gorgeous scenic views and sites. One may choose to drive through the town or even better yet book a Nice walking tour. The long beach stretch is mainly the best idea. A walk hand in hand with your darling along the beach as you enjoy the snack of your choice is an excellent idea.

  1. Go for a parasailing adventure

Parasailing is another activity that couples can enjoy besides the typical sun-basking. It is a sport that gets you flying through the warm Mediterranean skies as you enjoy the spectacular views over the Baie des Anges and the mountains beyond. The parasailing execution is beginner-friendly that you will not need lessons, but only a few basic instructions and perhaps a life jacket. And from then on, you get the opportunity to sore through the air beside your significant other.


Nice has so much to offer, and the above are the creme of the crop. Now you can finally take that trip with your loved one to Nice and have the time of your life.


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