How are immigrants benefiting Germany?

During the migrant crisis in 2015 and 2016, around 1.2 million people applied for asylum in Germany. It was really a tough situation for the German government to register and then provide accommodation to this huge flux of arrivals. But when the things started settling, many of the migrants started taking language courses and entered into the labor force.  Surprisingly, now more than about 50% of refugees are now working in skilled jobs. It means that now this influx of human capital is happening a crucial time for the economy in Germany. Now the unemployment in Germany is at its lowest level

The tight labor market of Germany is now again signaling a skill shortage, which is definitely a threat to future economic growth. German businesses are already feeling the dearth of qualified workers. Refugees are indeed embracing the apprenticeship system of Germany because companies sponsor them and they can work as well as attend vocational educational institutes. But still, the biggest issue is illegal immigration and fake documentation that can cause threats to national security,

Tolga Akcay is a Turkish-German entrepreneur with his American vision and he felt a real need for a technology that not only provides the safe and secure immigration, emigration, and relocation facilities but also helps states and companies to select immigrants candidates based on their skills set.

Mr. Tolga is the CEO of and his innovative thought and ambitious nature has taken him to the topmost level of success. Exvisa is a technology that is streamlining the whole traditional procedure of immigration, emigration, and relocation. In addition to it, Exvisa is also providing essential security measures to stop illegal infiltration.

The main idea of Exvisa is the transformation of visa and passport into a digital visa and passport. This will redefine the total concept of traveling. This online visa and passport facility will make people independent from keeping their passport and visa everywhere with them. Exvisa is the digitization of passport and visa that provides the availability of personal information of an individual on the internet. Most people get scared of providing their sensitive information on the internet, but Tolga Akcay has taken all necessary steps to keep your information protected by cryptonizing the sensitive information into a transparent blockchain. Blockchain is a hack free method of storing important information in which before adding any information into the blockchain, it is cryptonized.

Exvisa is the future of all the immigration affairs and by using it states, regions, and even countries can add an extra layer of international security. To reduce the risk factor involved in immigration, it will ensure the presence of all necessary documents.

Exvisa is surely going to help the process of immigration for refugees also. For Germany helping refugees is actually a way to help the economy. Exvisa will be a very beneficial technology for German companies to make a targeted selection of candidates based on their needs and it will allow Germany and other countries to have access to the valuable resources whenever they need.

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