Discovering Various Categories of Sailing Holidays

You get different categories and a wide variety of sailing trips. From laid-back summer yacht charters to adrenaline adventurous sailing holidays in winters, you can have the same level of enjoyment and excitement from all of the trips. In fact, all yacht charter holidays also share common themes. There are differences in timings, locations, activities, the style of the yacht, and duration. Each of the sailing holidays provides unique and exceptional things in terms of style, location, and experience. From this article, you will get an idea about the different types of sailing holidays.

  • Active Sailing Holidays

Some of the sailing holidays are made in a style that includes two things in one package. It generally offers a particular activity along with a super-duper trip. You can go to Sardinia in Italy for sailing as well as for scuba diving or even for walking and cycling. While you have the option of rock climbing and mountain hiking if you are sailing to the Dodecanese. For winters, you have the option to choose Norway where you get the chance to experience skiing and sailing together. On some occasions, guests are invited to get involved in the trip for navigating, hoisting, and steering the yacht along with the sailing activity.

  • Leisurely Sailing Holidays

The opportunity to sit back and relax on the yacht deck, cool off yourself in the crystal clear blue ocean waters are things that come with leisurely sailing holidays. Greece, Croatia, and Turkey are some of the best locations for setting out for this kind of trip. You should opt for crewed yachts so that you get your breakfast and lunch prepared by experienced chefs in the kitchen. You can just enjoy your trip by exploring the unknown location and doing some fun activities.

  • Sailing Trips involving Adventure

There are a lot of sailing holidays that come with the opportunity to take part in different adventure activities like kayaking, surfing, and snorkeling. You can even participate in competitions if you are an experienced one. In many places like in the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Tahiti, there are chances for you to get into these water adventure activities.

  • Wildlife Watching and Conservation Sailing Holidays

There is obviously no better place for observing nature and marine life than from a sailing yacht. Some of the sailing holidays make wildlife watching and conservation their main focus. Scotland is one place where you can go for wildlife sailing trips that bring you closer to the coasts’ cetaceans, seals, and seabirds. You can even cruise around the Galapagos Island and go deeper into the fjords of Spitsbergen for seeing walruses, polar bears, and reindeers. You can take part in a whale and dolphin conservation research study held in Italy’s Ligurian Sea if on a trip for six days.

  • Sailing Holidays with a Twist

Some of the sailing trips include accommodation based on lands which involves daytime excursions to various islands. These excursions are perfect if you want to spread out and get a little space to relax and sleep and also love to explore around the ocean.

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