Bagan hot air balloon

It’s enough to see some pictures and make some research on the ancient city of Bagan and the activities which are most popular there and for sure you will be convinced to plan your next holiday there. Be ready to get the most wonderful panoramic view of Bagan over the blue skies above those 3000 pagodas.

Almost 20 years ago there has been established the company which provides some of the best hot air balloon rides with only one pilot and just a few crewmembers. The company kept growing more and more since they started to provide the most qualitative services to their clients. Now the balloon fleet has almost 12 hot air balloons and the experienced staff is waiting for the tourists who want to have this amazing experience.

Booking a Bagan hot air balloon requires you to choose the type of offer you want to have depending on your needs. Accordingly to how many people want to experience the hot air balloon flight you can benefit from the Standard Flight, Premium Flight or Standard/ Premium Flight with a Full Breakfast. Usually all the flight start at the sunrise because the cold air in the morning will give the possibility to fly closer to the city and admire the details of it. It doesn’t matter where you stay in the city because the transfer from your accommodation to the landing place will be provided by our team right from the hotel. The flight duration will sum up 3 hours and before take off you will have some time to have a snack and drink some coffee while the balloon is being prepared. During the flight there will be taken some photos with you and your group and you will receive them after the landing. Also, when the flight is over, there will be some time for celebrating and drinking champagne and everyone will receive their certificates. For those who choose the offer with the full breakfast will have the chance to experience also a gourmet breakfast with traditional Asiatic food.

Also, you should be aware that the proper period for hot air ballooning flights starts on 10th October and will end on 10Th of April. You need to pay attention and plan your trip very well including the booking of the balloon in advance because the sports are filling up really quickly.

Ending with, in order to have a wonderful end dramatic experience in the same time during the moment of flying in the air with Bagan hot air balloons you just need to do you appointment and for the rest of the details we will take care and relieve the stress from you.

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