A Guidebook to Greece: An Essential Travel Guide

It is fair to say that we all have heard about Greek gods and some of us are really fascinated by the ancient mythology of Greece. But Greece is so much more than its language, philosophy and history. It is bundled with a series of islands that are beautifully caved in with its surrounding water bodies. These islands are studded with white dainty buildings that shine as the sun kisses through the rooftops. These towns have a charm of their own and are definitely is a place to travel. From the ever-throbbing city of Athens to the slower paced  life of the small towns, Greece is an amalgamation of an exclusive experience where even a last-minute Greece Holiday plan will give you a heightened experience.

So, buckle up as we are about to embark on a journey.

When to Visit

Summer might be the ideal time to go especially for the tourists who want visit some of the top destinations. Greece summers are usually pleasant but this country remains equally beautiful throughout the year. For people who want to deviate from the usual crowd, they can visit Greece avoiding its peak seasons (The peak season being Easter and the month of May to August). The prices are obviously higher and the popular destinations are busy with people during this time. On the other hand, November to March is when the crowd starts to decrease. Even though there is a temperature drop, the scenic beauty and the considerable drop in the expenditures compensate for everything.

Top Destinations


Not your next-door coffee shop, this is the capital city of Greece. And one of the main attractions of this city is the Acropolis. This historic place is made of glittering marble which shines further as the Mediterranean sun shines over it. The famous Greek goddess Athena had her statue erected here at Acropolis. People who are architecture enthusiasts would love their visit. Here stood some of the best architectural splendours of the world.


Formed as a result of seismic activity, this crescent-shaped island offers you with a dramatic view of the sea which almost conquers the tourist eyes as you step on the rocky Caldera rising 1100 feet above our sea level. The town that is located along the island side can provide you with a spectacular view where you enjoy your time while watching the sunset and sipping martinis. With an ambitious backdrop, this place is the ultimate stop for couples to get married.

Balos Beach

After some heavy lifting, relax for few hours and enjoy the scenic beauty that the Gramvousa Peninsula has to offer. Located on the island of Crete lies the majestic beauty which is Balos. This place has numerous lagoons which are filled with underwater activities. You can bring your own watersports equipment or rent them for a reasonable price. If you are not that much into adventurous activities, you can also rent a boat and take it for a ride along the coastline while enjoying the setting sun.


It is one of the most attractive places to visit while you are in Greece. This gorgeous destination has held itself on the edges of MT. Parnassus where it used to be a very popular pilgrimage spot. People used to come here and pay respect to Apollo, the ancient Greek god of light, healing, prophecy and music. The oracle of Delphi was also frequented by many visitors in the older times. It now remains as one of the most attractive historical places in the world where you can mind the ancient ruins of Delphi. If you are visiting Acropolis then please do visit Delphi as it is just 180 kilometres away from there.

Corfu Island

This island is the home to the famous Corfu trail where you can hike or spend some lazy time. The trail walk will take you about 10 days and as you walk along it, the majestic view of the place will entice you further rejuvenating your fervour for adventure. The trail is filled with dirt tracks and you can’t help but notice the beautiful lagoons that this place has.


Must-do activities

1. Party Hard at Macedonia

Macedonia is the second largest city in Greece and is the ultimate stop for the ones who would want to party at the beach towns. This city has a rich and diverse history and is said to have a vivid nightlife here. You can also know more about the best up-all-night party resorts in Greece. While you are at it, do visit the Archeological museum and end the night with a spicy eastern meal from the old town. Apart from the nightlife, you can take long walks along the beach towns or visit posh clubs located there.

2. See the Olympic Flame

If you are visiting Peloponnese, Olympia is the place you should drop by. It is said to be the most important sanctuary in Greece which was built in the name of Zeus. Till date, the flame of every Olympics makes its journey across the world while being lit in the temple of Hera. This place is quiet and is surrounded with pine trees. Take a stroll along the town as you slowly get a glimpse into the lives of the heroes who used to live here.

3. Take a stroll through the oldest city in Europe

Labelled as one the oldest kingdoms which were destroyed (supposedly) by the Santorini volcanic eruption, Crete used to be the most thriving civilizations in the world. Visiting this place will give you a sneak peek of what life used to be and the Minoan culture that inhabited this place 5000 years back. A visit to the palace of the Minoan king will give you a cultural tour and you will have a solid idea of how advanced that civilization used to be.

4. Dive into the myths of ancient Mycenae

This one of best world heritage sites and is most famous for Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. According to Homer’s claims, this place was made by Perseus, son of Zeus. Apart from these claims, historical findings have suggested that this place was build in the 6th century.

5. River Rafting at Parga

Recently the motorways that have been made, helped Parga get closer to Athens. It is located on the Western coast of Greece and is a place for those who want to have a unique island like experience. This place has a unique set of hotels with authentic local cuisine. This place is also close to the Temple of necromancy which used to be considered as a gateway linked to the underworld. You can also go for a number river activities as the river Acherontas is right beside the temple. The springs of this river are also delightful and for the ones who want to raft can do so, while going through the forest or they can always hike the gorge through which this river flows.

6. Check out the view from Epidaurus theatre

This ceremonial space was dedicated to Asclepius, the famous Greek god of medicine. His sanctuary can be found right next to the theatre. The Epidaurus theatre is majestic in itself as you get to have a seat here and imagine watching a play over here. The corroding theatre still holds its charm and is frequented by visitors all around the world. This place dates back to the 4th century and is located in Epidaurus which is in the region of Argolis.

Take some time before you think about visiting Greece because the trip can’t possibly be summarized with these activities listed above. There’s so much more than it meets the eye and there are some really nice beaches where you can go and visit.  Relive the myths as you go to the places which you have read in the books or take some time off in the beach towns. Either way, it will be a trip of a lifetime and that’s quite obvious to even begin with.

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