Month: May 2019

10 Best Rome Day trips Which cost cheaper than train ticket


Currently you may be asking just what can make these and also right here are two reasons why they can be really fun as well as amazing for individuals of any kind of age. You will be going to a site that is most likely to be close to your home While some individuals will […]

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First Time in Havana: What You Need to Know


A first time visit to any new city can feel a little intimidating, after all, you’re foreigners in a foreign land. But don’t let this very natural fear put you off exploring all the Cuban capital has to offer. Vibrant, cultural, historic, and breath-takingly beautiful in equal measure, Havana is one of the world’s finest […]

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A guide to passports: which hold the most value for travelling around the world?


In 2017 the number of Brits travelling abroad reached a record high. 72.8 million left the UK for a visit abroad, a three per cent increase on the previous year. As a nation, we base our entire year around escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and boarding a plane. Whether it be […]

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