Month: March 2019

Travel smart to turn your holiday experience into a great learning


We all love traveling. Sometimes I think traveling is one of the activities that somehow connected to our soul. The travel process energizes the body and mind. It gives you wing to fly in the cloud. It feels great to view the scenery, meet unknown people and experience the things which you have never experienced […]

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How to Detox in Thailand with Muay Thai at Weekend


A Muay Thai weekend is a spectacular retreat combined with the vigorous workout of the traditional combat sport. If you are interested in learning about this sport, then joining an incredible Muay Thai program can provide the challenge you need to live your best life. Performing Muay Thai has become an incredible fitness strategy that […]

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Avoiding the Most Common Travel Mistake on Your Trip to Italy  


Italy is one of the hottest travel destinations that you can find out there in the world. No matter what the reason is, you can think about visiting Italy to get an outstanding experience. However, most of the people who visit Italy tend to make mistakes. These mistakes can cost them a lot and they […]

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