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Thai boxing for your weekend

Running along a training circuit bare footed, stretching at the break of dawn and striking in a series of punches and kicks are all part of the Muay Thai holiday experience. While significantly different from a traditional vacation, the martial art has become highly sought after for a variety of health and fitness reasons. A closer look at the best planning and preparation for your Muay Thai holiday can ensure you create the experience of a lifetime.

What is a Muay Thai boxing Holiday?

For the fitness enthusiast, Muay Thai or Thai boxing is an exceptional sport. It presents a full-body workout, demands endurance and requires that every participant undergo intensive training as part of its preparation.

The Muay Thai holiday has become so popular because it presents a time where you can exclusively dedicate your focus and training to a workout and Muay Thai style of exercises to reach health goals. Whether weight loss, a desire to learn the sport or as a professional athlete to remain in shape, you can spend an entire weekend practicing the ancient technique as part of your next holiday.

These sporting holidays are not particularly relaxing. You will be required to be up before sunrise, and under the guidance of your Muay Thai trainer, be sprinting, doing push-ups and sit-ups while working up a tremendous sweat. Just when you think it is time for a break, your instructor will be on to the next set of exercises for you to perform. This holiday experience will test your physical and your mental capabilities. Experienced trainers request nothing less than your very best. You will be taught important Muay Thai techniques, but also be pushed to your very limits like no other workout or training session at the gym.

How to Have a Good Muay Thai Holiday

Preparation is key. For an incredible holiday spent training at a Muay Thai gym, you must develop a level of fitness beforehand. The training can be spent over a weekend and often begins with a series of stretches, yoga and the practice of various kicks, punches, jumps and defensive tactics.

Stay Hydrated

Your diet should be well-balanced with plenty hydration to keep up with sporting demands on your body. It will also minimize severe cramps.


On your travels, over a weekend, take some time out to visit a beach or a local island where your muscles and your joints can recover.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Pack light and ensure your clothing and footwear are comfortable. Apart from practicing Muay Thai, your instructors will request runs, yoga, and warm-up activities.

Muay Thai Program in Thailand

For an incredible experience, a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand at is the ultimate fitness holiday. Guided by a team of skilled and highly trained instructors, the Muay Thai camp will take you to your physical, mental and spiritual limits. For beginners and established athletes, the training camp presents a series of exercises. Spend your Saturday training and take time out on Sunday to explore the beach, island and incredible sightseeing opportunities Thailand has to offer.

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