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How to make the most of your vacation.

Here are four ways that you might not of thought of, that you can use, and will improve the enjoyment, ease and fun that you get from your next holiday.

Firstly, is harnessing the power within your smart phone to help you enjoy your vacation and my recommendation to do this is to download the app google translate. This wonderful app has the ability to translate your messages into over 100 different languages. Enabling you to type any message into your phone and show it in the local language, so you never need to open a translation dictionary again.

If you are lucky enough to be traveling to a county that uses one of the 33 voice recognised languages that the app translates, you do not even need to type in your messages. The phone can listen to your words, recognise them and translate them instantly, even having the ability to play back the translated message for someone to listen too without them needing to read the message. The days of the star track universal language translator really does seem to be coming to reality.

Thirdly the app will also let you upload an image or photo of a document. It will then scan the document for words it recognises and then translate them for you. Perfect for a menu that is not in your language.

The second tip I would like to make is for you to travel like a VIP without any hold luggage. Now I understand that on a long break you think this is not practical, however I was suggesting that you send your luggage ahead. There are now luggage shipping services like those from Courierpoint, where you can arrange for a branded carrier like DHL or FedEx to collect your suitcases and move them to and from your hotel. Everything is fully tracked, and because of the volume of shipments, the costs for 30 kilo suitcases is usually less than airline baggage charges. They do not only move suitcases, if you are sending a parcel to USA or a set of golf clubs to Portugal, they will have a service that will save you time and money.

Thirdly I would recommend that the internet and prior research is the key to really making the most out of your trip. With review websites like Tripadvisor having thousands of reviews from other travellers on, you are able to find out their experiences of many of the places that you are considering visiting. This will enable you to make smarter decisions as to the best hotels to restaurants to visit. These reviews often include tips and recommendations that you would not otherwise be aware of, such as the quietest room in a hotel.

Lastly save money on your currency conversion costs. It is always far more expensive to convert your currency at the airport or in the destination county than it is to exchange it before you leave. This has the added benefit that if you keep your receipt that you can usually change any excess money back at the same bureau de change commission free when you return home.

I hope that you will try and use these tips when you are next travelling abroad, as I have found that they have helped me numerous times.


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