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Necessary Public Transport System Tickets In Amsterdam You Need To Know About

Do you intend to visit Amsterdam and don’t know how to use the public transport tickets? These tickets have of late become complicated for locals and visitors alike. To understand the correct Amsterdam tram pass to use for your transportation within the city and the country, you must research. This article discusses some transport tickets and how they work.

  1. GVB 1 Hour Ticket

You can buy a single GVB 1-hour ticket in the form of a disposable OV-chip card. However, the card is only valid for one travel on public transport. It will cost you €3.20 and be activated when on your first check-in. This ticket is ideal if you’re going for longer trips and not economical if you’re traveling to one or two stops.

You can get it at a GVB ticket machine or sales desk and use cash and credit or debit cards to purchase it. Additionally, you can buy it on board buses or trams from conductors or drivers. If you choose to buy them on board, ensure you carry your credit or debit card because no cash is accepted on these vehicles.

When making a transfer to a different form of transportation, you must check-in and check out your ticket. This ticket can’t be used on the Schiphol airport train, GVB night bus service, and 397 Amsterdam airport express.

  1. Unlimited GVB Multi-Day Tickets

You can use these tickets for seven days from the day of purchase. The number of times you can travel with these tickets is unlimited as long as you’re using vehicles on Amsterdam’s GVB network. These include trams, metro, and buses. These tickets are activated when you check-in and are valid for 24 hours. They have varying prices depending on the number of hours.

The GVB children’s ticket can be used for 24 hours by children aged 4-11. However, they must be accompanied by an adult who has a valid ticket. If you have a child aged between 0-3 years, they will travel for free. All children over 12 years buy the standard adult ticket.

You can buy GVB multi-day tickets online and pick them at their service points, including Amsterdam Zuid, Central Station, Bijlmer-Arena, and Noord. If you’re traveling as a group, every individual must have a check-in ticket and check out.

  1. Amsterdam Travel Tickets

These tickets entail the GVB unlimited travel card in addition to traveling between Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. They cost €17 for one day, €22.50 for two days, and €28 for three days. These tickets can be ideal for you if you’re visiting Amsterdam for a short period and have arrived earlier.

You can use the GVB portion of this ticket on the metro, trams, night buses, and day buses operating within the Amsterdam metropolitan area. Before each travel, you must check-in and out for every journey.  It can also be useful if you’re staying at a hotel in Schiphol and want to visit every day.


If you’re visiting Amsterdam for the first time, you need to know how their tickets and transportation systems operate. Knowing this will help you to navigate the city quickly and other areas within the country. It can also help you to budget for your journeys in the town.

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