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Most Important Essentials for a Cross Country Trip  

A cross-country road trip can be fun for you and your family or friends. Unlike flying, you can halt the car when you take note of something interesting. A cross-country road trip allows you to do so much more. The following is a list of things you’ll need for that trip.


Many businesses accept cash especially those in remote areas. Hence the reason you should pack cash for your cross-country road trip. Estimate the budget for everything you’ll need for the journey, then carry that amount. As a precaution, add ten percent for emergencies.

Moreover, don’t put all your money in the same luggage. Distribute it evenly across multiple storages. If you’re traveling with your spouse, notify them about those hiding spots. If you’re traveling as a group, appoint one person as the treasurer. They’ll monitor expenses and keep everyone in check. They’ll also keep the emergency funds.


A guitar can make the road trip fun. You can play your favorite tunes and sing along with your friends. But if you’re worried about damaging your precious guitar, invest in a great travel guitar. Unlike regular guitars, travel instruments are designed for long trips. Their size reduces damage risks.

However, it doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. Leaving the guitar inside the car on a hot day will damage the bridge and strings. Moreover, don’t put the guitar inside the trunk without its case. Preferably, place it in the backseat where there is air. A cramped space without proper insulation can become very hot.


If you get fatigued from playing the guitar, you can turn on the radio to keep people entertained. Unfortunately, radio stations don’t play constant music – they have a lineup of shows, which often interrupt the music.

Streaming music is the other option. But you can only use this service where there’s a stable internet connection. There are dead zones in the countryside where internet connectivity is a problem.

An old mp3 player will your best bet for getting constant music. Although modern smartphones have huge storage capabilities, they have multiple functionalities that limit the amount of music they can hold. Using your smartphone for an extended period can also lead to battery drain. MP3 players are excellent because they have one function – music storage. Since people enjoy varied music, add playlists from diverse genres.

GoPro Camera

Using your phone to take pictures has one limitation – the lack of versatility. You have to stop to take pictures. Today’s smartphones are also bulky, meaning you’ll get weary from holding your phone all the time.

If you don’t want to miss the best highlights of the trip, use a GoPro camera. It’s tiny and lightweight. It also captures high-resolution images and videos. What’s more amazing is the fact that you can attach the camera to a headband or helmet and capture videos on the go. GoPros are also water-resistant, meaning you can wear them when performing water sports.

Travel Pillow

Your body gets weary after sitting for long periods. When that happens, you’ll require a place to sleep. Stopping and sleeping at a motel every time you feel drowsy will make you lose precious travel time. Therefore, it’s best to sleep in the backseat. But sleeping on a reclined seat can injure your neck. You require a travel pillow to give your neck support as you rest during long trips.

Navigation Tools

Carry a GPS to guide you in case you get lost. Don’t rely so much on your vehicle’s navigation system because they’re prone to failure.

As a backup, you should also download offline Google Maps so that you can utilize it where there’s no internet connectivity.

On top of that, carry a hard copy map of the places you intend to visit. You’ll use this map as a last resort when everything else fails.

Another tool that could be useful is a handheld compass. You can employ it to find your way during hikes.

Tire Repair Set

Flat tires can happen without warning. Imagine being stuck in the middle of nowhere at night because of a flat tire. It can be a nightmare. That’s why you should carry a tire repair set with you on long trips. These kits can help you fix a flat tire temporarily and keep driving until you find a service station.

Comfortable Shoes

Comfort matters when you travel. You need shoes that grant you the freedom to do anything. You can go on hikes, biking, and rafting without your shoes bothering you. For some people, those shoes could be flip-flops while for others, they could be chacos.

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