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How To Go To Galle From Colombo

The From: Galle

Galle is a quaint historical city in the south of Sri Lanka and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site of an old fort, this charming tourist town has unique buildings full of character and authentic detail. Cats hide out next to flower planters and precariously perched on window sills and the sea breeze blows gently by.

While you’re here there are some truly special places to spend a night. You can stay in a villa in the historic Galle. Wander the streets and experience the sights and sounds, buildings with so much to tell but no way to say it, and friendly people with wide smiles. Your own private luxury villa has all the comforts of home in a beautiful Sri Lankan setting. A stunning pool, a spacious kitchen and a bed fit for royalty. You might ask yourself. “Was this the palace these old city walls were guarding?”

Before heading to Colombo it’s time to eat. Amangalla Restaurant is the spot in Galle, authentic Sri Lankan food elevated and refined for a modern and classy lifestyle. Have a seat on the airy veranda and get one of the famous cocktails. Considered one of the best restaurants in Sri Lanka it’s a spot you can’t miss!

The Journey Is The Destination:

Travelling from Galle to Colombo by train is easy because of the efficient rail service. From Galle Railway Station to Colombo Fort Railway Station there are trains daily, a total of seventy seven trains per week run through here.

The best time to travel is after the morning rush hour but before the office workers’ evening commute back home. Many locals use this train as their daily ride to work and it can be standing room only at the peak times.

Opened in 1895 Galle Railway Station is the first stop on this one hundred and thirteen kilometre journey. Ticket prices are around two to three pounds sterling and the trip takes just under two hours. Along the way you can see the beauty of Galle fort and the lively flora that runs along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Pass by villages and see how the locals live their daily lives.

Alternatively, one could take a taxi for around twenty pounds sterling but the travel time is roughly the same. The National Transport Commission does operate a bus from Galle Bus Station to Kadawatha every 30 minutes. Tickets are slightly less than the train and the travel time is the same as a taxi at around one and a half hours. These alternate routes, however, don’t save any time or money and are exceptionally less interesting.

The To: Colombo

Arriving on Sri Lanka Railways at Fort Station, a classic station built in 1917 and modelled after Victoria station In Manchester England.

Colombo! A gateway to the wonder of Sri Lanka. A rich colonial heritage, a mix of races, cultures and religions. A city of Yin and Yang with shiny posh hotels, glass buildings and hip clubs. All neighbouring patina rich colonial era buildings with red tiled roofs. Thick lively street markets bloom with fresh flowers, pungent spices and colourful fabrics.

Colombo has an enticing street food scene where one can eat like a local and immerse yourself in the aromas of the Pettah Bazaar. Speaking of food, after that long trip it’s time to relax at a local restaurant, fill your stomach and get that energy back for your next adventure.

The Gallery Café opened in 1998 with a unique combination of art and culinary delights. An art gallery which hosts a rotating selection of local artists and designers lies before you. The authentic Sri Lankan fare uses only the freshest local ingredients. The lemon grass and ginger chicken and prawn curry with sautéed kankun all come highly recommended, as do the Café’s many cocktails.

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