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5 things you should know before traveling to Egypt

Traveling to the middle east will not be a complete package unless you visit Egypt. If you want to travel to Egypt, you will have to do what all other people in Egypt do.

In this article, we will discuss a few useful tips that can make your trip to Egypt a fantastic memory. Although you are a brave traveler, you still cannot go out; there are the dusty streets of Egypt without any guide.

Egypt’s exotic culture and norms are unmatched.  That is why most travelers feel lost and confused upon reaching the culturally rich areas of Egypt. A certain level of travel knowledge is essential to make your trip a happy and sound journey.

Take some cash with you.

Even though it is the digital age, and we all are relying on plastic money. Still, in Egypt, the tipping culture would make you keep some cash in your pocket.

For each service, you will be asked to pay a few bucks as tipping is a culture in Egypt. If you want to be in the good books of guides and the butlers, then you are supposed to follow the tipping norm.

Another critical issue most travelers face is in the street bazaars. In Egypt, the street bazaar vendors do not have any facility for card payment or online payment. Thus, it will not be suitable to keep plastic money when roaming and shopping in the streets of Egypt.

Hire a cab and a driver

Traffic in Egypt, especially in Cairo, is crazy. There are some hidden routes in Egypt, and only a local driver is familiar with them.

So, when you happen to travel to Egypt, hire a great car, as per your need. Once you have booked a vehicle and search for a driver, I will not recommend hiring the driver from the same company you have booked a car on rent.

Before flying to Egypt, search for the best driver’s service providers near your hotel and pick up a good profiled and professional driver.

Book a three-day Nile cruise

Neil is the most dreamt river. Every traveler who visits Egypt wishes to enjoy the Nile cruise, and most beginners tend to book a seven-day long Nile cruise; this can be too long for certain type of travelers.

In fact, there are different types of Nile cruise programs and not all of them are that long, and for a beginner a three-day trip can be a good option for many travelers. If you book a seven-day cruise, it is highly likely that you will have to spend the last two days at the shore.

Always buy mineral water.

The tap water in Egypt is clean and all people live here including many foreigners drink it daily. Comparing to many other countries tap water in Egypt contain higher percentage of minerals and calcine. Accordingly, those who are visiting Egypt for a short time are highly advised not to use tap water even when they brush their teeth.  It is better to drink mineral water; otherwise, you may get sick, and it will ultimately destroy your plan of visiting some fantastic places in Egypt.

Do not take a drone

Even though Egypt and its Pyramids are an excellent site for capturing a few fantastic pictures; still, you cannot get an aerial view, without permission. The moment you cross the periphery of such monuments, the security will ask you to leave drones there. It will be wise to skip drones and travel with a regular digital camera and mobile phones.

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