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Places to See in Southern California

Sunny Southern California is one of the nation’s most iconic places.While many know Southern California as the home of Hollywood, with all the glitz and glam of the movies. Cali is also home to a variety of beautiful beaches, surf-rock, The Beach Boys, and a wealth of art and culture. It’s where you’ll find the peaceful beaches of San Diego and the bustling streets of Los Angeles. Southern California has no shortage of incredible places, but we have a few things that you must see.

Can’t-Miss Sights in Los Angeles 

You’ll find plenty of places to go off the beaten path in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, but this is one place where the tourist traps live up to the hype, too. Los Angeles is much more than its glitzy skin-deep reputation, but there’s a value in the classic Los Angeles vacation, too. Take a studio tour. Don’t miss the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and gawk at the glamorous houses of Beverly Hills. Cruise the winding Mulholland Drive, and shop on Rodeo Drive. Los Angeles has a thriving economy that offers everything from high fashion and hip home goods to cheesy souvenirs.

Be sure to hit the beaches, too. They’re famous for a reason, and the over-the-top joys of the Santa Monica Pier provide memorable experience. Walk down along Venice Beach and enjoy the mix of genuine counterculture and tourist-bait. It’s all part of the Los Angeles experience.

Another Side of Los Angeles 

You can’t miss Los Angeles’ tourist-friendly sights, but don’t forget about the cultural hotspots that make this sometimes-misunderstood city a true cultural capital of the Pacific coast. Hip neighborhoods such as Silver Lake and Echo Park have several galleries and cafes. Los Angeles’ museums and learning centers have wonderful atmospheres. Check out the La Brea Tar Pits for a surprising dose of geology and natural history right in the heart of Los Angeles, and check out the Getty Museum (or any of Los Angeles’ several other top-notch museums) for art. Los Angeles has iconic sports teams and stadiums, too. Catch a game at Dodger Stadium if the team is in town, or head downtown to see the NBA’s Lakers and Clippers or the NHL’s Kings.

San Diego: Paradise on the  Beach

Los Angeles is the perfect place for sightseeing and cultural hotspots. San Diego has plenty of that, too, but it’s particularly special as a place to relax. The temperate weather and gorgeous beaches make San Diego an ideal spot for the resort leg of your vacation. You’ll find relaxing days at the beach, nights full of music and fine dining, and plenty of attractions, cultural events, and historic sites to check out when you’ve had your fill of sun.

Be sure to visit San Diego’s historic Gaslamp District. See the San Diego Zoo. Cruise in tour ships along the water, enjoy relaxing strolls through the park, and make the most of your time in San Diego.

Down the Coast: the Pacific Coast Highway

Getting from place to place in Southern California’s famous traffic is often stressful. Try turning some of the driving portions of your trip into a sightseeing adventure, and take the stress out of travel.

The West Coast’s famous Pacific Coast Highway runs the length of the coast, from Washington state all the way down to Southern California. Use it to run up or down the coast in the course of your travels, and you’ll get to see beautiful coastline views, natural sites with views of the ocean and animals, and some small towns peppered along the route. It’s an experience in itself, and a wonderful way to get around the wonderful place that is Southern California.

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