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Should I Hire A Tour Guide To See Birds Located In Central America?

If your goal is to travel into Central America this year, you need to plan your trip, especially if you are going to go birding. There are few locations in this area of the world which receive such a high quantity of visitors. Those that go to different countries in Central America are doing so for a number of different reasons. Although some people will be traveling there to see the beaches, or even the volcanoes, most are looking for exotic birds. If you have ever wondered if you should hire a tour guide to help you see the exotic birds in this region, there are many reasons to do so. Let’s first discuss where some of the most beautiful birds are, and how you can find tour guides that will be more than happy to help see as many birds as possible.

Where Are Most Of The Exotic Birds In Central America?

One of the most popular exotic birds in Central America is located primarily in Guatemala. This is the Quetzal, the national bird of that country, and it is one of the most distinctively colored birds that you will ever see. It has blue green feathers which will stand out, contrasted against its red chest. When the Maya civilization was added speak, this was considered to be one of the most highly prized birds of that culture. If you were to go into Nicaragua, the turquoise-browed motmot is very popular. This country actually has nearly 800 different species of birds, including waterfowl, geese, and even ducks. Another popular destination is Belize. It is known for its snorkeling, and also its close proximity to central American pyramids. It is also a place that people visit because of the nearly 600 bird species which will include hawks, falcons, and hummingbirds. Of all of the places you could visit, most people will agree that Costa Rica is the first place you should visit.

Exotic Birds That Are In Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica is a treat for anyone that enjoys birding. There are reserves, national parks, and even volcanoes where these birds of Costa Rica can be found throughout the jungles. Some of these birds will include hummingbirds, white throated magpies, Scarlet Macaws, and even the very beautiful Keelbilled Toucans. You can also see the very popular Resplendent Quetzal and Bluegray Tanager. These birds are scattered throughout this country, but there are certain areas where higher densities of these birds can be found. People tend to begin at some of the top tourist attractions which will include the following locations.

Reserves And National Parks In Costa Rica

Carara National Park should be one of the first places that you visit for several different reasons. It is located on the central Pacific Coast and is a favorite destination for birding enthusiasts. This tends to be a dryer area of the country, and if you arrive right after the rainy season, this is the perfect time to see these birds in action. It’s also a rain forest that is much more open, which means it will be easier to see the birds in their natural habitat. The most popular birds that are in this national park will include the Scarlet Macaw and similar birds that are brightly colored. You should also visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest, a location where you will be able to see nearly 400 different species of birds. It is recommended that you get up early in the morning to see them, and also hear them in all directions. To find the locations where most of the birds will be, it is recommended that you hire a tour guide that can help you find their natural habitats.

Reasons That You Should Hire A Tour Guide

Whether you are birding in Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua or Costa Rica, having an experienced guide with you can really improve your trip. They will likely take several different groups every day into these somewhat remote locations. Since they know exactly where to go, you won’t have to worry about seeing the many different bird species. They will guide you to specific locations where they know you will be able to photograph these beautiful birds throughout this region. Some of the tour guides will have been doing this for many years, most of which charge very reasonable prices for their services. This will allow you to hire one at each destination you arrive at to improve your chances of seeing these beautiful birds.

How To Choose The Best Tour Guides

When you begin to evaluate tour guides and Central America, you will see that there are many at each location. If you can find reviews that have been left by customers that were there before you this can help you make your decision. Each place that you travel will have a couple different choices. Even if you do not evaluate them before you go, there will always be tour guides available. They are specifically hired to provide these guided tours for the thousands of people that visit these areas on a daily basis. It is highly recommended that you spend a few hours going through the different tour guides that are currently advertising online. They may have websites where you can see where they will take you, and also find out if they will be available when you are on your vacation. One final thing to consider are the prices that they will charge. Some of them will be extremely affordable. All of these factors will contribute to selecting the best tour guide at each destination.

It is very likely that you will see dozens of birds when you arrive at these national parks and reserves, even if you do not hire a tour guide. The reason that you should hire one is that it will improve your chances of seeing as many birds as possible. They can take you into areas that may not be accessible to tourists that are simply going to walk around. They will know exactly where to go, and by the end of the tour, you will have seen some of the most exotic birds in the world. If you are planning a trip to Central America to go birding, always do research on the tour guides that you may be able to use. They are there to improve your chances of seeing the most birds on your visit to this very unique area of the world.

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