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Discover the best Monsoon Destinations of India

Do you love rain? Do you want to feel the raindrops on your cheeks? Do you want to dance in the rain? This monsoon, do visit any of these wonderful monsoon destinations in India. Are you wondering which place to visit? Here are a few destinations which you must visit during your monsoon vacations.

Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu

This epitome of scenic beauty is situated in Tamilnadu. This vacation, head south. Book your Mumbai to Chennai flights and rush to Kodaikanal to spend your monsoon holidays.  The tickets for Mumbai to Chennai flights are very easily available online. This hill station is situated in the Palani Hills of the Western Ghats. It is filled with greenery, lots of fresh air, enchanting views, mesmerizing waterfalls and serene lakes.

Lonavala, Maharashtra

There is no better place than Lonavala to visit during the rainy season if you are a resident of Mumbai. It will be the best break on the lap of nature. This place is a hub of waterfalls and viewpoints. This will be the best escape from the busy and noisy Mumbai city.

Coorg, Karnataka

This is one of the most romantic hill stations in Karnataka. It is covered with dense forests and coffee plantations. It has many waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries and mountains to go trekking. This will be the best place to go on a road trip from Bangalore. It is around 7 hours journey from Bangalore.

Munnar, Kerala

Kerala is known as God’s own country. Undoubtedly places like Munnar in Kerala makes it worth calling it God’s own country. This place has the most romantic atmosphere which makes it one of the best honeymoon destinations. The enticing mountains with the massive tea estates and the peaceful lakes make this place a heaven on earth.

Shillong, Meghalaya

This place receives the highest rainfall in India, and it is one of the best places you can visit during the rainy season. It is surrounded by immaculate mountains and enticing greenery.

Travel tips for traveling during Monsoon

  • Umbrellas and raincoats are a must during monsoons. Even though you love rain and you want to feel those raindrops on your cheeks, always carry an umbrella with you. Avoid falling sick during the trip.
  • Carry more synthetic clothes. During monsoon, anyway, you are meant to get caught up in the rain. So do carry a lot of synthetic clothes with you
  • Try to avoid street food. During the rainy season, we cannot expect pure drinking water to be used in the preparation of street food. Even though, you do not want to miss out on few of them, try your best to avoid them.
  • Carry insect repellents and medicines with you. Rainy season attracts a lot of mosquitoes and other insects due to the unavoidable stagnant water everywhere. Thus, to keep safe, keep insect repellants with you. You are more likely to catch cold or fever during monsoon. So carry medicines with you as a precaution.
  • You are bound to get drenched in the rain at least once. So, take care of your electronic gadgets as well. Do not let them get soaked in water
  • Make use of the weather reports. Even though it is impossible to avoid rain in such places, weather reports can help you to an extent.

Now that you know where to go, and what should be done before going to monsoon destinations, hurry and book your tickets for your next monsoon holiday.

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