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Be careful of Kangaroos while visiting Margaret River Region

The Margaret River Region, located at the southern most corner of Western Australia, is home to some of the region’s top vistas, activities, and experiences as well as many Kangaroos and a few emus in the south. The area, which extends from Busselton to Augusta, can be reached in a 2.5-hour journey from Perth. You may enjoy wine tours to taste award-winning wines, wander through bespoke art galleries, magnificent beaches, tall-timber forests, flowing rivers, world-class surf breaks and ancient caverns in a single day.

A famous tourist attraction, Margaret River and its neighboring towns are typically sold out months in advance. If you wish to go, prepare ahead of time and make sure there are some fun events taking place in the area. If you are a driver, watch out for Kangaroos crossing the road, this is why some find it preferable to hire a private driver who knows the area well

Kangaroos near Margaret River:

The Margaret River Region is a great spot to watch kangaroos in Australia, if  you know where to find them. There are few places where you can get as near a Kangaroo as Sunflowers animal farm. They are often startled by anyone trying to get a closer look in the wild.

In addition to this, there are some more places where you can easily spot kangaroos hopping and enjoying, such as:

  • Augusta WA
  • Bunker Bay
  • The country club and Golf Course Dunsborough
  • Gracetown Caravan Park
  • Hamelin Bay
  • Sunflowers Animal Farm
  • Tuart Forest near Busselton
  • Walking tracks of Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse
  • Yallingup Hills

Follow the rules of the road in the Margaret River region!

You must use caution when driving in Western Australia’s South West. Kangaroos, the sun streaming through the trees, and soft, slippery gravel on the roadside make driving a difficult task in Margaret River region.

Like any wild animal, Kangaroos are unpredictable and might panic at the sight or sound of a car. They also move in groups (mobs), so there are probably more nearby if you spot one along the road or crossing it. Don’t simply concentrate on the one you saw. Keep an eye out for others.

A massive population of Western Australian kangaroos may be found in Margaret River. Even on big motorways and critical roads, they constitute a continual danger. A collision with a 90-kilogram kangaroo, particularly at high speed, may result in a loss of control of your car, extensive vehicle damage, significant bodily injury, or even death.

Kangaroos are most active between twilight and sunrise. Night driving on rural roads increases the chance of hitting a kangaroo. Limit your driving to daytime hours. If you must drive at night, set your headlights on high beam (but lower them for incoming traffic), slow down, and scan the road margins. 

If you see an automobile slowing or halting in front of you, slow down and check the sides of the road for kangaroos. If you’ve never driven in Australia, you should know that we drive on the left. Remember that rushing may result in injuring some Australian wildlife. Prevent getting lost on unknown rural roads by hiring a chauffeur service for your holiday.

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