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Seattle In 48 Hours: What To Do

The great thing about Seattle is that for a large city it is surprisingly easy to get around. There are a variety of great neighborhoods all throughout the metro area, each with their own charms and lots of amazing things to do. This makes it perfect for a short stay. Even in just two days you can experience a large portion of the city and bask in its many charms. Many travelers have passed through in their RV rentals for short stays in the Seattle region and have reported back with nothing but positive experiences and great times. Unlike larger cities such as New York or Los Angeles, with Seattle you can get in all of the things you want to experience in just a weekend’s time. Of course everyone has different tastes, but read further for a great primer on what to check out during your 48 hour stay in this legendary Pacific Northwest hub.


Pike Place Market

Located right in downtown Seattle, this market is your dream stop for eating, people watching, and just general browsing. You can get some great foods here, either to go or to sit and enjoy in a lively and diverse atmosphere. On the market’s main floor you will find fresh produce and meats, plus some specialized goods vendors offering their unique wares. The bottom floors are taken up with a vast array of stands selling everything from local arts and crafts to fashion items to antiques to anything else you could wish for. This is an incredibly lively and diverse market that attracts many thousands per day, both locals and visitors. If you’re here in the morning definitely grab yourself one of the legendary Daily Dozen donut packages.


Overall, the Pike Market is a great way to get a feel for the local atmosphere and enjoy great food and fine goods while you’re at it. The mornings tend to be less crowded, and the afternoons bring hordes of visitors.


Downtown Seattle

There is much to do in downtown Seattle. First of all you will want to check out the Seattle Art Museum which features a wide variety of special exhibitions as well as a permanent collection to rival many of the top museums in the country. There is a wide variety on display here, from ancient to modern and from abstract to classic. This is also a shopping mecca, where you will find a wide range of stores from high end nationwide chains to funky boutiques. There are many places to eat or to have a drink, with a wide range of establishments serving up everything from fine dining to more laid back fare. Travelers can leave their RV rentals parked and get around on foot or by Monorail. All of your activities will be done within full view of the legendary Space Needle, making for a unique and unforgettable experience.


Discovery Park

Discovery Park is one of the most unique and enjoyable urban public spaces in the country. Featuring over 500 acres, the Park plays host to a number of hiking trails, biking lanes, deep forests, and lush meadows. There is even a beach and lighthouse. You will get some absolutely breathtaking views of the skyline as well from a variety of different lookout points, plus views of the nearby Mt. Rainier and the Puget Sound.



Just a short drive across Ballard Bridge will place you on this terrific island that is well worth exploring. This is a great place to have lunch, as you will have your choice of many establishments serving up some of the freshest and choicest seafood to be found on the west coast. From there it is highly suggested that you head to the waterfront where you will be greeted by skyline views and Puget Sound scenery. The Locks is a legendary spot where you will be able to enjoy the salt water aroma and stunning views in all directions. After a nice lunch and perhaps one of the local microbrews at ne of the island’s establishments, capping off your afternoon on Ballard with a sunset over the sound is the perfect way to end your 48 hour stay in the Seattle area.


One of the most unique cities in the country, Seattle has been attracting travellers in their RV rentals for decades. The sheer amount of activities and places to visit in this accessible and laid back west coast city are enough to keep you busy for an entire weekend. Plus, the smaller and easily accessible layout allows you to get in everything you want to do within just a short timeframe. If you’ve been looking for a Pacific Northwest destination that is action packed and enjoyable, then definitely keep Seattle at the top of your list. 

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