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Holidays for Caves Lovers

Have you ever seen majestically beautiful collections of waterfalls in one single place? If not, now it’s your time to uncover the real beauty of nature in Split Croatia. Along with its plenty of tourist points, Split has a beautiful illustration of natural art in Krka waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls even have chronicled history, you will be guided by a professional while you are making your visit to Krka National Park. To avail of this amazing opportunity, all you have to do is to book a luxurious Krka waterfalls tour from Split.

The tour is around hours including a travel time of 2:00-2:230 hours. Further, it is divided into phases. First of all, you will be escorted to the ancient town of Skradin, where you can have multiple activities including shopping for the necessary stuff. Then you will be boarded on a panoramic boat for a cruise ride until you reach the entrance of the Krka National Park.

From there you will travel on foot. This whole tour would be led by professional guides who will first make sure of your security. At some points, you will have to hike for a better view of the waterfalls. There are plenty of small and large waterfalls in Krka national park, some of the overwhelmingly attractive waterfalls are Skradinski Buk, Roski, Miljacka, Manojlovac, Bilušića Buk waterfalls and waterfalls at Skradin. Moreover, you will have a chance to dive, swim or snorkel at some of the safe waterfalls. There are many ponds and lakes on the bottom of the waterfalls where people usually have swimming and diving activities, as well as there are quite nice places for the rest if you are exhausted.

Also, there are many caves on the hiking trails where you can enhance your knowledge of archaeology or could have the adventurous discovery of hidden and buried things. One of the most hidden things in Croatia is Blue Cave on Bisevo island, and the same travel agency provides a trip to Blue cave from Split, so you can combine two packages into one and get a discount.

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