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A Visit to India’s Grand Capital

Are you tired of the humidity and heat of Kolkata? Is the incessant rain bogging you down? Delhi, the heart of India, proudly showcases the influence of religious diversity through the city streets, the cultural impact of the Mughals with added Hindu and British flavours. The hustle and bustle unveils the alive and kicking nature of the megalopolis.

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Before you visit Delhi, let us first go through some of the most popular tourist destinations in the city that serve as symbols of the capital city.

  • The Red Fort or LalQILA: This imposing red sandstone fortress stood firm for the last 370 years, housing the thrones of the rulers of Delhi who witnessed the fall of an era to magnanimity of a republic. The fort, located at the centre of the city is still a hub for the political and the national ceremonies. The best way to reach here would be to take a metro to ChandniChowk Metro station and hire a rickshaw from gate no 5. The entry fee here is Rs 10 for Indians and Rs 250 for the foreigners including the museum ticket. The fort is closed on Mondays.
  • The QutubMinar: Standing tall for 825 years, QutubMinar is so far the tallest minaret in the world. With a soaring height of 73 metres, the minaret includes five storeys each highlighted by a projecting balcony. The best way to reach here would be to take a metro to QutubMinar metro station and then hire an auto or go for the bus heading to Mehrauli. The entry fee is Rs 30 for Indians and Rs 500 for the foreigners.
  • Feroz Shah Kotla: Established in the year 1354, this fortress represents the empire of the emperor Firoz Shah, the successor of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. Located at the Bahadur Shah ZafarMarg, the easiest way to reach here is by an auto, taxi or a metro, the nearest one being PragatiMaidan.
  • HauzKhas: The most happening and affluent place of New Delhi in the 21st century has volumes of history attached to it. Established in the early 1330s, this historical ruin consists of various tombs, a mosque and a water tank (the actual meaning of the place) with 4m (13.1 feet) depth of water. The entry fee here is nil and remains closed on Sundays. You can reach this place through the Green Park metro station.

After a visit to all these historical monuments, you’ll get a brief idea of the history of the heart of India. Be it the picturesque dusk or the scintillating dawn, life at Delhi is exactly the way to unwind and let go of all your worries.

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