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Ways to earn Hilton Honors Points

The Hilton Honors point for hotel stays applies to any hotel in the Hilton family. As the Hilton brand’s loyalty program, Hilton Honors includes 6,800 plus hotels in more than 120 countries. Spending money at Hilton properties, with Hilton’s partners, or on a Hilton Honors credit card are all great ways to rack up points quickly and easily.

There are a few things that make the Hilton Honors loyalty program unique. These include the low barrier to entry for achieving elite status, the substantial value of elite benefits, and the abundance of opportunities to earn free hotel nights. The lowest elite status tier, Silver, entitles you to a free fifth night after spending points on four nights.

Knowing how to get the most out of your Hilton Honors points for hotel stays is essential because the points aren’t worth as much as competing hotel loyalty programs. Numerous opportunities exist to accumulate these points, making it difficult to track them all.

Some of the top strategies for maximizing your Hilton Honors point earnings as you plan your next award vacation are here:

·        Hotel Stay:

Hilton Honors offer a base and extra points for a hotel stay. Most Hilton portfolio properties give ten base points for each $1 spent, regardless of Honors status. Base and bonus points only differ in elite and lifetime status. Stays are free with all points. Elite status, booking bonuses, and Hilton credit cards are used to influence your bonus points.

·        Hilton Honors Dining:

Restaurant meals receive bonus points. Hilton Honors Dining members can earn six to eight bonus points for each $1 spent at nearly 10,000 restaurants. Register on Hilton Honors Dining to start earning.

·        Transfer Points to Hilton:

Another option to earn Hilton points is to transfer them from another loyalty program.

·        Promotional offers:

Hilton Honors often promote hotel stays. Some hotels offer free breakfast, double and treble bonus points, and on-property credits.

·        Vehicle rentals:

Hilton Honors members who hire cars from Alamo, Enterprise, or National can earn up to 5,000 additional points per rental, depending on length.

·        Cruises for Hilton Honors:

Cruises provide members bonus points based on voyage length.

·        Scheduling meetings and events:

Hilton portfolio properties offer one bonus point for $1 spent on guests and conference rooms for qualified events. Event planners can receive 100,000 Hilton Honors points.

·        Purchase points:

Hilton sells points for 1 cent each with a 1,000-point minimum. We recommend buying points only if you can save money by buying a small amount.

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