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Advantages of Short-Term Rentals Over Hotel Rooms

Accommodation is a key factor to consider when going on a business trip or vacation. One of the most-visited cities in the world is Cannes. Besides its tourist attraction sites, the city is a great location for business trips. There are two main types of accommodation in Cannes; hotel rooms or rental apartments. There are great reasons why travellers prefer staying in rental apartments. Here are some of the benefits of short-term rental apartments over hotel rooms.

They guarantee privacy

Hotel rooms are frequently visited by room attendants. By staying in a hotel room, you are not assured of privacy. Rental apartments, on the other hand, emphasise privacy. Once you check-in, there is no unauthorised entry to the apartment unless you need assistance. Short-term apartments are a perfect home away from home. You prepare your own food, make your own bed and check-out at your convenience.

Feels like home

The experience of living in a rental apartment is different from staying in a hotel. These apartments make you feel like you are at home. When travelling with your family, your kids will enjoy the stay. Hotels are limited by checkout timelines, but apartments can be rented for several days. The apartment is your new home until your checkout day.

They are spacious

Most hotel rooms are built to standard sizes. Contrary to this, apartments are spacious and available in different sizes. If you are travelling with a group of friends or colleagues, you may end up renting several hotel rooms. However, you could rent a large apartment that will host the entire group.

Special amenities

Rental apartments offer several special amenities you can’t find in a hotel room. Among the amenities include a washing machine, dishwasher, freezer, balcony view and air conditioning. Before you rent an apartment, you can visit its website to check on other amenities available.

Affordable prices

Staying in a rental apartment is cheaper than renting a hotel room. First, you will need to rent several hotel rooms when travelling with your kids. Compared to hotel rooms that charge on a daily basis, apartments are charged based on the period of your stay. In fact, most apartments offer discounts for special seasons. You can also check on available packages to find an affordable accommodation option.


Staying in a rental apartment is the safest option when on vacation. Rental apartments are safe and secure. They are out of bounds to unauthorised persons. Hotels receive many visitors every day. You can’t be guaranteed your safety when there are other persons accessing the same facility.

Lastly, rental apartments are fully-serviced. Each apartment has everything you need in a home. The rooms are furnished with modern and good quality furniture to deliver a local and unique travel experience. It is recommended that you book an apartment early.


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