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Use of E-cigarettes 

Its a widely asked question that does electronic cigarettes help smokers to leave tobacco consumption. There appears a lot of information and news articles on different platforms that e-cigarettes are harmless and help the long term smokers to quit their smoking habit, but it is not the vital truth. The powerful fact is that the health professionals do not fully support this information, medical researchers and the doctors. Being named as e-cigs, e-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vapes, mods, tank systems and vape pens, e-cigarettes are also easily available in a number of varying shapes, and one can choose the best vape easily, but the harm they cause to the human beings remain same in every case.

Combustible Smoking

There appears no evidence in regard to the e-cigarettes being harmless and that it helps the people in quitting combustible smoking but there are other effective and safe methods to work on quitting the smoking completely or getting rid of combustible cigarettes. The e-cigarettes can attract the youth mostly to adopt and leave the use of combustible cigarettes, but it is not equally attractive for all ages, but it is not evident that all the youth will adopt e-cigarettes because people have already been addicted to combustible cigarettes and smoking is their addiction rather than being just a habit so not necessarily they will work on their addiction that is being so easily fulfilled and move towards the adoption of e-cigarettes.

Problems related to E-cigarettes

The usage of e-cigarettes is causing another big problem for the youth, and there have been reported hundreds of cases of lungs failure and other lungs diseases being monitored in the people all around. The e-cigarettes contain nicotine and a lot of other harmful substances that are even worse to consume in relation to the combustible cigarettes. According to FDA, e-cigarettes contain metal pieces, harmful chemicals, nicotine and other liquids that can cause the cancer disease to the smokers, especially the chain smokers.

Every single piece of the combustible or tobacco cigarette contains almost 1 mg amount of nicotine that is enough for a person to get addicted to it easily especially when he is consuming it ofter, on a daily basis or frequently in the time span of few hours. This consumption of the tobacco cigarettes easily makes the people addicted to it and start affecting their health that keeps on deteriorating with even more consumption with every passing day that at the end results in patients suffering from different lung diseases. The use of the electronic cigarettes is another worse form of consuming nicotine in even more greater amount present in the tobacco cigarettes, but along with nicotine, e-cigarettes contain metal substances, liquid chemicals and other harmful entities mixed in their preparation that are enough to cause cancer and other lung diseases to the people consuming the electronic cigarettes. So it would not right to leave the tobacco cigarettes smoking habit and should switch to the e-cigarettes.

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