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Effective Ways to Refresh Your Faith

Life only gets busier the longer we are into it. In our rush, however, we may forget to tend to the things that matter, like our faith. Even though the Lord is infinitely understanding, it is our duty to maintain a strong faith and make it even deeper.

So, once you feel that your connection with God is weakening, here’s how you can rekindle your faith.

Have some quiet time

Sometimes, the first step you should take in building a stronger relationship with the Father is to just get quiet and be still. You may read the scriptures regularly and devote ample time for prayer, but the reality is that He will not be able to speak to us if we do not shut up.

For a few minutes each day, simply pause, turn off any noise, set everything aside, close your mouth, and open your ears, mind, and heart. The voice of God will reach you through that small voice in your heart, so listen very closely.

You may not hear anything at first, or you might not be sure if you are hearing Him or the flood of your own thoughts. But you will be able to discern His voice more clearly the more you allow some quiet time to practice stillness.

Meditate on the Scriptures instead of merely reading

You may be reading the Scriptures chronologically, from cover to cover, over and over. While there is nothing wrong with this practice, you may be reducing the Holy Texts to a mere routine. It might have become an item on your to-do-list to cross off every time, before moving on to a new task.

We must learn from the Word of God, and learn something new no matter how many times we have read it. Ponder on the texts, savor them, meditate on them, and give God a chance to open your mind and eyes to new things.

Read mindfully, and you will start to notice that the Word of God is active, alive, and has the power to inspire and transform us. Get caught up in the details of a small passage, look up translations, related verses, and information on the context and commentary to fully grasp the message behind what you are reading. Invest time and effort to truly and deeply meditate on the Scriptures, and allow His words to change your life.

Take part in a community

You need to be with a community of believers as much as you need quiet alone time with God. Going to church regularly is just a tiny part of being a member of a community of believers.

Jesus Himself spent most of His time with small groups. He went to gatherings, spent time with His disciples, and sometimes spoke with just a couple of them. We should use this as an example. Go to church, but also find a small group. Build and nurture friendships with other believers whom you can openly talk with about your faith. Hold each other accountable, have space for questions, learn from each other, and grow together.

Church is not the only place to find your community. Maybe you will chance upon them in the middle of running an errand, or during a religious travel. As you build a closer relationship with each other, you will also draw closer in your relationship with the Lord.

Each of us experiences our faith differently but, in the end, we all want to grow closer to God. If these tips inspired you to come up with your own way to refresh your faith, follow it and share it with others, so we can share the road towards His Grace.

Meta Title: How to Refresh and Deepen Your Relationship with the Lord

Meta Description: As life gets busier, you may be neglecting the things that matter, like your relationship with God. To refresh your faith, just follow these tips.


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