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Tour of the Great Grand Canyon

One of the most popular excursions for Las Vegas vacationers is a daylong drive and tour of the relatively nearby Grand Canyon. However, although it is really popular, people who want to do this that it may be a longer trip to it than they might think. A drive there will take tourists at least two hours. The kind of longish drive may make you think it’s not worth it, but when you get there and see the grandeur of the canyon, you will completely understand why a grand canyon tour las vegas nv residents like is such a popular attraction. You can get here via professional tour buses, helicopters, small planes, or even motorcycles.

Helicopter and small plane tours don’t land but are both excellent ways to see the vast entire canyon from the air. These air tours will take you from the south rim all the way to the north rim and back. It is from this vantage point that one gets a true view of its enormous expanse. This helicopter tours will always provide tourists with headphones to block out the sounds of the loudly rotating propeller. Many of these aerial tours will also afford you excellent sights of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Mojave Desert, the Joshua Tree National Park, and area wildlife.

Many of the tour travel options are combined. But the highlight will always be the Grand Canyon and its many miles of the Colorado River. For instance, you can take a plane to the canyon airport where you will then get a motorcycle and tour the area on it. The flight tours are also a popular option because they make the travel time between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon a lot less. It will usually be about 40 minutes less than a road trip. And there is a lot of it that can be enjoyed; there are 277 miles of this spectacular park, with most tourists opting for either the south rim or the north rim.

Of course, you can also opt to drive yourself and can even rent a luxury ten-person vehicle for that very thing. You can even get a driver for these vehicles to do it for you so you can more fully enjoy the scenery. All of the seasons provide their own beautiful attractions, but the weather can be very temperamental so always check its current status before making the trip. By far the most popular season for tourists is summer. At this time of the year, a hugely popular Grand Canyon activity is taking a mule ride to the canyon floor.

This is not the only popular thing to do here during the summer. There are also a vast variety of short hikes to take on both sides of the rim. Many visitors love coming here during the winter when the canyon is covered in snow. This chilly time provides some of the most breathtaking scenes of the year with its glorious winter garb. Whenever you come, a daylong excursion to the Grand Canyon is definitely something visitors to Las Vegas should definitely consider.

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