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The best reasons to choose a lake holiday 

It is often thought that a holiday on the lake is not as fun as that on the beach. It is believed that the lake water is immediately deep, it is dirtier. And instead if you look at the Piedmont and lakes it hosts, you can realize how much a holiday on these beautiful places can be a pleasant surprise. Let’s see the main reasons for choosing a lake holiday:


The holiday on the lake connects us to the water. It is as if we were children again in mom’s belly, relaxing as if we were still protected in that way. Our body is made up of 75% water. As we age, we become drier (only 60%), but our brain will still consist of three-quarters of water and our bones for 31%. The brain, which is located in our head in the form of a “clear and colorless cerebrospinal fluid”, reacts with pleasure to water. So this is the reason why, when we see or hear the water that “caresses the shore” or that ripples in the wind, we know we are “in the right place”. And there is nothing better than experiencing certain sensations on the lake.


According to a study, to relax our subconscious mind, it is enough just to observe a landscape at the lake. And there is no better place than Lake Orta. It seems that looking at images of nature activates the parts of our brain associated with “a positive attitude, emotional stability and the recovery of happy memories”. On the contrary, at the sight of city landscapes the areas connected to stress mainly “light up”. Such serenity does not necessarily have to be experienced by the sea, since the tranquility that the lake transmits does not exist in other landscapes.

Looking at the pictures is good, but water in real life is even better. A 2011 study carried out an application called Mappiness which traced the well-being levels of around 22 thousand users. Participants were asked to rate their happiness at different times. According to the responses sent (more than a million), not only were people more serene when they were outdoors, but they were 5.2% happier when they were near a body of water. So open air can therefore also be the lake. From these studies, it emerges that the performance and concentration of people who are near landscape panoramas such as the lake with trees and meadows, will be far high and these people will not only have brighter results, but will also demonstrate a greater ability to functional attention.


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