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Thailand and Best Holiday

Thailand is culturally rich, full of friendly people and simply beautiful. From its striking cities to its traditions including the art of Muay Thai, travelers return to the region to explore this vast country every year. We take a look at the reasons to make Thailand part of your next holiday plan.

Thai Cuisine

You cannot visit Thailand without trying its traditional cuisine. None can come close to the authentic flavors and fragrances experienced in the heart of Thailand. Most of the local ingredients incorporate vegetables and freshly caught seafood. From modern restaurants in Bangkok with a complex array of noodles and meats to simple dishes created in the quaint markets, step out of your comfort zone by trying the local cuisine.

Fauna and Flora

Thailand is recognized for its lush forests including a variety of wildlife parks. A popular attraction includes a visit to an elephant park where you can interact with these large animals and take memorable photographs. You can view the replenished rice paddies after the rainy season or follow a forest trail with the entire family. Your next stop should be the beach resorts in Thailand.

Beautiful Beaches

Travel to Thailand is not complete until you have explored the incredible coast. Feel the soft sands between your toes and admire the vast, deep blue water under tropical conditions. Consider taking a marine tour while at a weekend resort including a scuba dive or exploration of the surrounding island life. Ko Tao is a popular destination where you can observe incredible whale sharks moving slowly through the ocean. You can surf and dive at many exotic and safe regions along the coast. The beach is like no other shoreline you have ever experienced so be sure to pack that swimsuit, shorts and sunscreen.

Ancient Sites

During your Thai holiday, travel to the many ancient temples and sacred sites available. You will find beautifully preserved golden Buddha statues including ancient trees adorned with ribbons and wraps in honor of the local spirits. Consider participating in the north eastern Thailand festivals or explore the long-standing underground caves.

Muay Thai Program in Thailand

Muay Thai is a fast paced sport incorporating a variety of martial arts techniques. It involves the coordination of the entire body facilitating smooth, stable motion and defence. Its roots are embedded in Thai history but this approach has also become a fast and effective way for anyone to lose weight and improve their health. The Muay Thai camp at offers visitors training in the sporting activity guaranteeing weight loss, fitness and exceptional well-being in a short period. Certified trainers teach every participant safe technique and by sticking to the program, you will develop core strength and incredible physical tone. These camps are versatile and allow tour goers to partake while traveling through Thailand.


Take time to plan your next Thai holiday with your family, for adventure and relaxation. Get fit at a local Muay Thai training camp and feel like a whole new person upon returning home.

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