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Relaxing getaways: The true ingredients revealed

We all know how it goes. We book a holiday that is meant to be relaxing and as we arrive back on home soil, it has proven to be anything-but.

As much as many of us crave a relaxing getaway on a regular basis, actually going on one of these vacations is easier said than done. Having the discipline to relax your mind, body and soul is something that a lot of people struggle to achieve in the modern-day, technology-heavy world, but today’s post will signpost several tips to help get you there.

It starts with your choice of location

The famous saying of location, location, location could not be truer when it comes to a relaxing getaway.

While you might be looking to be based in the thick of the action on a traditional holiday, the same rules don’t apply when the R-word enters proceedings. After all, the last thing you want is to be hustled and bustled by eager crowds who are desperate to sample the local, touristic delights.

Your choice of location also impacts the type of trip you are going on. Suffice to say, if you opt for a spa break, you really are embracing the relaxing factor. However, opt for a city break and as we all know, your feet will tell a completely different story by the end of your trip.

The curse of the mobile phone

It has something which has transformed the manner in which we approach travel, but your mobile phone can also be an absolute curse if you are attempting to relax and truly charge your batteries.

Over the last few years studies have revealed an interesting condition going by the name of smartphone addiction. As the name suggests, it’s a condition where we simply can’t put down our phone. In other words, we are always connected.

This always-on philosophy will drain you. Not only that, but if you are connected to your work webmail, you won’t be able to truly relax either. A relaxing getaway is all about switching off everything – and this includes technology.

Do you have any form of Plan B?

Finally, let’s talk about the importance of having alternatives.

In some ways, you don’t want to approach these relaxing trips with a plan. After all, itineraries are exhausting and one of the most tiring ways to spend a holiday is to be checking off a bucket list of attractions everyday. By the end of your trip, you are due another holiday.

However, by the same token, not having a Plan B is just as tiring. If you have opted for a hiking holiday, what are you going to do if the weather turns sour? Are there any alternative attractions nearby?

As much as it is important not to be too strict with your holiday plans, at least having a backup will mean that you never have to think too much if the going got tough and your first options go out of the window. This is again where your choice of location is crucial.


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