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What attracts travel enthusiasts here?

Langtang valley trek is simply heaven for nature lovers. Langtang valley is found very close to Katmandu, the capital of Nepal. This valley is among the most beautiful valleys of the world and contains the archeology of the ancient civilizations. In Langtang valley, we get to see fascinating scenes from the creator of nature. There is a spectacular view of the mountain, forests, and glaciers. The walls here indicate the adherents of Buddhism.

This trek is full of majestic views of giant mountains and panoramic landscapes. With wild rural landscapes, Langtang valley is a hidden gem. From rhododendron and magnificent glaciers to snow-capped mountains and pine forest, wonders of nature are inviting you to witness the glory and pride of this astonishing piece of land.

Langtang valley trek is a short and easiest trek and this is what makes it a more attractive and enjoyable trek for people with normal health and fitness conditions. Langtang valley is surrounded by beautiful landscape created by nature because the sound of water from the waterfalls here soothes every sorrow in your life and calms your mind. Moreover, the area is dominated by the people of Tamang and Sherpa ethnicity and hospitality is a key element in their culture which is why you don’t even think of yourself as a stranger here and you don’t even feel far from your home.

Nepal Intrepid Treks & Expedition:

This is a group of highly trained and licensed professional guides and porters. We are always constantly appreciated and complemented by our clients for our friendly behavior and quality services. ‘’Nepal Intrepid Treks & Expeditions’’ promises you to help to get insights about lifestyle, culture, practices, and lifestyle of people live in Langtang valley and introduce you with the fantasies lie within Langtang village. We are forefront among our rivals and we do our utmost to ensure a memorable experience of Langtang valley trek.

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