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Boca Raton Savings Guide

Enjoy your visit to Boca Raton without spending much.
‘The Mouth of the Rat’ may not be too inviting for a name of a city, but for Boca Raton it works every single time. Twenty miles from Fort Lauderdale is the noteworthy town, brimming with an abundance of Mediterranean Revival architecture. The well-preserved downtown area features bell towers, red-tiled roofs, and arched entranceways, which are undeniably and distinctively Boca Raton’s. The city on Florida’s east coast reminds tourists of Old Spanish themes and Venetian designs.

The celebrated architect Addison is responsible for Boca Raton’s unique features. Mizner influenced the Boca Raton Resort and Club, Mizner Park, and the Boca Raton Museum of Art. The latter is worth a stop for its formidable collection of modern art drawings by Picasso, Matisse, and Degas. If you wish to explore Florida’s array of beachside fun for less, Boca Raton has a fun coastal side in Spanish River Park. The explorable beachside offers low rates and features high-rise greenery and lush vegetation. You can also sample the city’s great nightlife and beaches throughout the year, making off-season not much of a difference when it comes to savoring the city’s attractions.

Boca Raton’s recreational options are mostly offered for free. Head to Mizner park for leisurely strolls, without even spending a cent.

Shopping and other Unbelievably Cheap Thrills in Boca Raton

As a result of relatively low rents and a sales tax of 6.5 percent on top of the already low retail price, goods are generally cheaper than in Los Angeles or New York. In Boca Raton the shopping is diverse and individual. During the day, most of Boca Raton’s residents have an excess of outdoor pleasure to pursue; by night the lure of some of the trendiest restaurants, bars, and nightclubs is certainly hard to resist. And when the money runs out, or is short in the first place, people-watching from a sidewalk café can be very entertaining. The stylish open-air shopping plaza of Mizner Park is adorned with plenty of interwoven waterfalls and palm trees. The Boca Town Center Mall is known for its high-end shops, but the surrounding restaurants offer cheap options. Staples such as Barnes and Noble, Mario’s, and Whole Foods can be found in the University Commons Plaza.

Staying and Eating in Boca Raton

For those who are looking for great accommodations with a limited budget, there are two hotels that provide reasonable value for money-Towneplace Suites by Marriott and Ocean Lodge. You could also check in at the Boca Raton Bridge Hotel, especially if you place value on location. The hotel is close to outdoor shopping malls and various museums. You can book your hotel room with and save on your Boca Raton stay.

The options for dining are also abundant, and most offer cost-conscious travelers good news. The Cannoli Kitchen has 2 dozen specialties to choose from. The reasonably-priced BBQ joint of Mississippi Suites offers Southern style cooking. Generous servings are offered for low prices in the old-style joint of Too Jay’s.

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