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Best Places To Mountain Bike In Idaho

Water, mountains, sunshine and fresh air are all on the list of offerings you can enjoy in Idaho. Whether you like to ski in the winter or mountain bike the rest of the year, you can find amazing views and great fun in this gorgeous state.

1.) Tamarack Resort

Not too far north of Boise and straight west of the Cascade Reservoir, you’ll find the Tamarack Resort. From this resort, you can find 1,100 acres of skiing access, snowshoe trails, and Tamarack offers great mountain biking trails in the Payette River Mountains Region. The top elevation of this resort is just under 5,000 feet, so you’ll enjoy terrific views and a healthy ride. Plan for a swim in the Cascade Reservoir to cool down, or do a little zip-lining!

2.) Crown Point Rail Trail

Just south of Tamarack and across the reservoir is the Crown Point Rail Trail mountain biking path. This trail is rated as easy and an excellent path for families to enjoy. You’ll find a little over 5 miles of riding, gorgeous views and more than a few places to stop and enjoy a water break and a snack. This trail is just north of the Boise National Forest.

3.) Polecat Loop Trail

The Polecat Loop Trail is also near Boise and is a six mile loop with only about 750 feet of gain. Be prepared for some great views as well as some traffic; dogs are allowed but must be on leash. Bring your binoculars and a snack; the wildflowers along this trail make it a popular one for hikers as well as those on mountain bikes.

4.) Stanley Lake to Bridalveil Falls Trail

Who doesn’t love a waterfall? The Stanley Lake to Bridalveil Falls Trail is an up and back moderate trail in the Sawtooth National Forest. It’s west of Stanley and not far off Highway 21. The trail itself is just over 7 miles long but has a gain of less than 500 feet. This trail is best used from June until September; if you’re out there earlier in the spring or later in the fall, keep an eye out for icy spots.

5.) Roundhouse via Bald Mountain Trail

The Roundhouse via Bald Mountain Trail is a dog-friendly trail with a bit more access time than many other trails in Idaho. You can expect some tough climbing on this trail; you’re facing an elevation gain of over 2,000 feet on this out and back trail. There may also be joggers and birders along your path. The wildflower views from this trail are rated as very good and this Sawtooth National Forest trail has plenty of spots for slowing down and getting some photos.

6.) Redfish Lake Trail

If you’re ready to push yourself on a little harder trail, the Redfish Lake Trail near Stanley, Idaho is a great choice. This trail is nearly 15 miles and includes a gain of over 3,300 feet. You’ll be riding right along Redfish Lake, so be prepared for terrific birding and other hikers checking out the wildlife. This is an up and back trail; if you need to arrange a car at either trailhead, you can get a break from this hard climb.

7.) Coeur d’Alene River Trail

The Coeur d’Alene River Trail is a moderate ride with some interesting hazards, depending on the season. You may need to do a bit of wading, and you should be prepared to take care where the vegetation is the thickest. However, this trail offers amazing views, lots of wildlife, and even a beaver pond. If you love the Idaho outdoors and are headed north, take this trail!

Folks of all interests and activity levels can find a place to ride in Idaho. Keep an eye on the weather and be ready to call the forest service to check if certain areas are passable; some trails need regular mowing for easy and safe access.


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