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Best places in The Multi-faceted, culturally diverse – Tel Aviv  

Shining in the tropical region on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea is the populous city that still keeps the traditional Bahuaha styled buildings clothed within the white architectural region. As sizzling is the temperature here so are the places to visit with unconventional styles in shopping, architectures, preserved historic exhibits in impressive museums,  contrasting cool breezy breaches that welcome tourists that span from the south –Jaffa to the north – Tel Aviv port, delightful delicacies in international and authentic cuisines. The city is known for its stunning nightlife, liberalism, ethnicity, and diversity.  As you book your flights to reach the irresistible destination lookout for best-priced tickets at Cathay Pacific.

Bask in the sunny beaches to soak yourself up in Tel Aviv’s tan spree. Find the coolest beaches in the hot weather of the city.  To please you Tel Aviv has a number of beaches where you can indulge in adventure sports like surfing, swimming, volleyball, and other fun-filled activities.

The Hilton Beach: For what it’s worth this beach is called Tel Aviv’s gay strip of sand, a secluded beach that allows you to de-stress completely from the noises of the city. The beach is clean and pleasant with niche water sports. For sports enthusiasts, there is The Sea Centre Club that provides the tourist’s excellent training for windsurfing and kayaking also it includes sessions for children. Therefore it is a must-visit if you have planned vacation with children. With a wide variety of seafood, this place offers awesome restaurants hence the Hilton beach is an all-in-one place to have fun, relax and eat.

 Jerusalem (Geula) Beach:

Have you heard of the word ‘Matkot’ it is a game where players use two wooden paddles like ping pong and one tiny ball.  This game was invented in Israel and the Jerusalem Beach is a place known for this game.  It is a popular game among Israeli beach-goers.  This beach lets you have fun and friendly fights over the ‘Matkot’ as well as a cool and pleasing seaside view. While you are at the beach look around as there is Jaffa’s famous Arabic bakery called Tel Aviv’s Abulafia and refuel with the famous fresh fruit juices which are refreshing after the basking and the games at the beach. Additionally, you can experience cool evenings at the massive beach café, Tzfoni BeTayelet.

Other beaches that let you unwind are Gordon Beach, Bograshov Beach, Mezizim Beach, The Maravi beach, etc.

Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv:

Brasserie Restaurant: A similar version of the New York café- this restaurant has Parisian brasserie reminiscences. It offers a wide and comprehensive list of food items in authentic cuisines. Dig into one of the delicious dishes worth the visit like Steak tartare, Delicate crab ravioli, try the best wine from a variety of selections from French, Spanish, German and Israeli labels or enjoy the taste of the cocktail which is a pleasant option. The sweet and crunchy pastry puff is the best in the fruit tart version of desserts with a creamy custard filling.

Caffe Kaymak Restaurant

Settled in a busy and clamoring area surrounded by spice shops and olive merchants the Caffe Kaymak restaurant enjoys a hearty place in the Levinsky market. The interiors of the restaurant have a Turkish touch with beautiful intricately designed glass chandeliers that also looks like mosaic lamps hanging from the ceiling. To optimize the view from the restaurant the seating at the bar is an open storefront that faces the street. The restaurant preserves the taste from the neighborhood vendors with fresh ingredients to make Spicy vegetarian dishes. Enjoy items like homemade bread, homemade couscous with stewed vegetable labneh and zaatar, and fresh table olives, homemade couscous with stewed vegetables, Moroccan spiced chickpea soup, or spiced fava beans, and get free shots of Arak.

Other restaurants include Dallal Restaurant, David Ve Yossef Restaurant, Kukiza, Onza, Claro, Mashya, etc.


Whether you an impulse buyer or a man on the mission for shopping this place doesn’t fail your expectations instead you find amazing collections in the boutique, electronics, jewelry, footwear, etc. Tel Aviv has some vivid stores and greatly designed establishments with unlimited shops and departmental stores. The malls and the shopping centers are best in accessibility, offer products that range from budget-friendly ones to expensive ones. The malls are ecstatically decorated that provide comfort and convenience to the shoppers. Some of the best places to shop are:

  • Dizengoff  Center/Dizengoff
  • Givatayim Mall
  • Azrieli HaShalom Center
  • Ramat Aviv Mall


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